About last night: SAD PROM

I was worried because the weather got bad (❄️❄️❄️) and I thought we were going to have to cancel. But my friends are hardcore and they got themselves here. We had a great time.

D and I decorated the house in streamers and balloons. It was hilariously bad. Then we waited, and of course I had to selfie.

When the friends started arriving, we posed for prom pics.

And then the drinking games started:

We played Never Have I Ever and Who’s Most Likely…

My cards:

There was slow dancing:

And lots of drinking…

And we crowned the prom king!

I enjoyed keeping it really small this time. It’s easier to hang out and get in quality time with just the core group of friends present. We did miss A&R though. And there is a bit of drama going on in our group that has me bummed, but it wouldn’t be prom without drama, right?

D and I didn’t fall asleep until around four. I’m dragging a bit today, but I’m not hungover at all. We’re going to lunch later. I love our day after the party lunches where we recap and gossip.

Happy Sunday!

movie meme

List 15 movies that you love as quickly as you can, then tag 5 people.

I was tagged by thelifesporadic

  1. The Big Lebowski
  2. Gone With The Wind
  3. Adventures in Babysitting
  4. Sixteen Candles
  5. Dirty Dancing
  6. The Skeleton Key
  7. Sinister
  8. It’s A Wonderful Life
  9. Requiem For A Dream
  10. Office Space
  11. An Officer And A Gentleman
  12. 50/50
  13. High Fidelity
  14. The Fault In Our Stars
  15. Unfaithful

I tag: hardpatch, walruswidow, gbphoto, talknboutluvdancnboutarktecture, and honoluluorbust.

brought to you courtesy of beer and xanax

The Essentials
Name: Jennifer
Nickname: Jenn. Never Jenny. Only my grandmother got away with calling me that, and she’s dead now, so…don’t. 
Location: Missouri
Age: 34
Height: 5’6 (and a ½)
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Favorite thing about yourself: My determination. 
Worst habit: My general awkwardness. It’s painful.
Fun fact: I once accidentally brought pot into the courthouse. It was in my purse and went through the scanner and past the drug dog. I got lucky. 🙂

Identity, Sexuality & Personality
Gender identity: Female
Sexual preference: Penis, though I’ve had some experience with the ladies in the past. 
Romantic preference: I love romance. I adore cutesy texts, cuddles, saying I love you, special date nights, and getting flowers. That stuff makes me happy. 
“Kinsey Scale” score: 2. (Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual.)
Relationship status: Divorced. Currently in a two year relationship with the love of my life. 
Myers/Briggs type: INFJ
Introvert(89%)  iNtuitive(12%)  Feeling(50%)  Judging(78%)

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

“Early Bird” or “Night Owl”: Night Owl. I hate getting up in the morning. 
Morning routine: Hit snooze at least 2-4 times, pee, shower, put on make-up, fix hair, get dressed, get the kiddo ready if he’s with me, walk the dog, grab a diet pepsi, and leave.
Bath or shower: Shower
First thought in the morning: Motherfucker really?
Last thought before falling asleep at night: I always calculate how much sleep I can get before the alarm goes off, and then I usually think about work or sex. 

Do you work or are you a student: Work
Where do you work/study: My law firm.
What do you do: Lawyer. Consumer Bankruptcy Law & Criminal Defense. 
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Cancer free, rich, and happy. Hopefully living in a super fancy house with a swimming pool. 

Habits (Do you … )
Drink: A lot. Beer and wine mostly. 
Smoke: No. Yuck.
Do Drugs: Some. 
Exercise: Walking, running, and the occasional yoga. Wanna start PiYo, I think. 
Have a go-to comfort food: burritos and cookies.
Have a nervous habit: clenching teeth and tapping my foot. 

What is your favorite …
Physical quality (in yourself): eyes
In Others: Smile & eyes. Then the ass. 
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): Strength of will. I’m a fighter. 
Food: burrito
Drink: Diet Pepsi
Animal: fat orange tabby cats. i want one. 
Artist/Band/Group: DMB for life. 
Author/Poet: I can’t pick just one. Sorry. 
TV Show: Game of Thrones
Actor: I don’t really give a shit about such stuff, but probably Jeff Bridges because The Big Lebowski. Duh. 
Actress: Kate Winslet or Angelina Jolie
Blogger: Bitches Gotta Eat.  You’re welcome. <3

Our Saturday.