the final episode

Some of my favorite Game of Thrones memes inspired by the final episode.

Just read that GRRM is saying his ending will be different than the show. Hey, bro, less yapping, more writing. At this point, we’ll be lucky if he doesn’t fucking die first. A bit bitchy I know, but fuck. We’ve been waiting for the next book for eight fucking years.

Anyway…I plan to watch the last episode again once D gets home from his trip.

The end is here…

and I am sad. I can only hope we’re going to get some spin off action. I’d love to see Arya’s adventure continue.

I’m (mostly) happy with how it all played out. I have some sad feelings about Jon, but not in a how dare they way; more in the way where you’re sad when someone you care about is sad.

I cheered when I saw Ghost. ❤️

What an amazing ride it has been. I’m so grateful to HBO for giving us an ending. 💙💙