weigh in wednesday

I weighed in at 138.3 this morning and I was delighted with being back in the 130s. So imagine my dismay when I got to the office this morning and saw these:


I totally ate the one in the center. I can’t resist donuts. Ever. It’s Laura’s birthday and also Admin Professionals Day, so it was for a good cause. Haha.

We also have a lunch meeting with our CPA today so that will mean even more calories. Ohs to the well. Tomorrow is another day, right?  The good news is that D and I are starting personal training in May.

And the outfit of the day:


I bought this dress/tunic a year or two ago from a local fashion truck: Rack + Clutch.

Oh and this is sort of random, but on the way to work today I was listening to this song and it occurred to me that the lyrics remind me of going out with D. We tend to go pretty hard when we go out.


gpoyw: shorter hair edition

Upon seeing my hair cut last night, Dave said, “Much better.” I had to laugh. He definitely prefers my short hair, and hates blunt cut bangs. Good to know. I guess I’m lucky I can pull short hair off. Both my business partner and my assistant told me they prefer this look as well.  My dreams of being a pretty, sparkly eyed princess with long Zooey Deschanel inspired locks is just that…a dream. Ha. 

I was wanting to go shorter actually, but my stylist told me to take baby steps. She was probably smart to do so. Though I did make her cut extra off after she said she was done.

This isn’t a very good pic, but eh. I didn’t sleep much last night. 

This was me on the way home tonight. I left at 4:15 pm to go get my son. Got home at 7. Fucking snow. 

I was tagged (what feels like forever ago) by @causticgrip and @cexelia to post my favorite selfies of 2015. 

2015 has been amazing. So many good memories.