break time!

I have a fairly light day today. I had a hearing this morning, and a consultation in about 40 minutes. Otherwise, it’s an admin sorta day: preparing petitions, amending plans, answering emails – shit like that.

After the afternoon consultation, I plan to head out to pick up the kids. I’m excited to have a weekend with them, and I have something fun planned. We have this gorgeous pond a block away from the house (within the subdivision). It is filled with frogs, toads, fish, ducks, and geese. There is a nice flat spot near the shore, where I plan to set up a picnic tomorrow afternoon. I’m really looking forward to sitting there with them and watching the wildlife. D and I walk around it every evening now (with Bizzy) and I squeal with delight at all the frogs jumping and splashing around. Every single time. It never gets old.

We have plans tomorrow night to go visit with C&J. I’m excited to see them and catch up. I feel like we have so much stuff to tell them.

I washed and styled the hair this morning, and I’m still digging it. I straightened it just to make sure everything was even, and that I still like the cut. I do. I think I prefer the wavy, but I like it this way too. This is a classic Jenn cut. I’ve had this same cut many times in my life. It just feels so new after having my hair long. I think I should just recognize that I’m a short hair kinda gal, though that won’t stop me from trying to grow it out again, I’m sure.

It was kind of funny yesterday. The bestie, who also had long hair, was committed to cutting her’s off if I was going to cut mine off. Her appointment was before mine, so she arrived at the salon first. I got a text from her saying, “Hey she just cut off all my hair so you better still be doing this!” I had to giggle, because right before I left the house, I looked at D and said, “I don’t know if I can do this!” But once M chopped A’s hair, I was locked in.

It was cute because she was talking about how I didn’t let her shave her head last time (when I lost all of my hair due to chemo back in 2013), and she was like, “Next time it’s happening no matter what you say.” I love her solidarity. We both know that someday I will have to do IV chemo again, and that I will most likely be bald as a result. Hopefully that day is way far in the future.

In other exciting news, D’s birthday present arrived today, and it is fabulous. He is so pleased, and seeing him so happy makes me happy.

Isn’t it cool???

Tuesday’s OOTD

I felt like getting dressed up today.

Oh and I guess I spoke too soon regarding my hair loss. A big ass handful came out today, in addition to the normal every day shedding. Sigh. I honestly don’t know how I’m not bald yet.

Oh well – chop day is in a little over a week. I’m going to get a bob that hits right above the shoulders.

In the meantime, happy Tuesday. We are going to be kid free tonight and I can’t wait. Lol.

a bit of substance

Tonight, on my third walk of the day, D mentioned how we’ve only known about the cancer recurrence for (not quite) two months. It feels like just yesterday and also a lifetime all at once.

Speaking of walking, I’m doing a fuckton of it. I believe I mentioned that I’m in a step challenge? Well it’s keeping me super motivated. It helps that there isn’t much else to do, and that the exercise is good for my mental health. Here are the stats as of right now:

I’ve been in a big cleaning/organizing/purging sort of mood the last few days. I’m getting rid of so many clothes. Tonight, I cleaned out my second closet (shut up) and Freya took a bunch of my old dresses, like easily $2000 worth of clothes. So now she has a new wardrobe, and she’s very pleased. And now I can focus on purchasing new items. My look has been evolving recently, and I’m ready to branch out a bit.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to cut my hair much shorter once this quarantine is lifted and I can see my stylist again. I’m hoping this is just thinning and not actual baldness. Most women don’t lose all of their hair on Ibrance. I had this happen back in the day when I started tamoxifen, so I’m hoping that once I adjust, I’ll see some new growth. I’m trying not to be too upset about it, but it’s hard when I’ve already given up so much, ya know?

Maybe something like this:

Or this:

Here is a random pic of Bizzy being cute earlier…just because:

Oh right: Frey and I watched Drag Me To Hell tonight, and I forgot how much I like that one.

Tomorrow (really today now) I’m going to run first thing, and then get all fancied up – just because. Maybe do a little ootd photo shoot. I have a hearing tomorrow afternoon (on the phone) but I’m going to get dressed up like I’m going in person. Maybe I’ll even wear real shoes! 😂

I’ll leave it at that for now. It’s 12:12 am. I’m not foolish enough to think I’ll be getting to sleep anytime soon, but I can at least try.

Polka Dot Palooza: day 1

Everyone knows I’m obsessed with polka dots. My wardrobe is filled with them. I’m interested in seeing how many days I can wear a polka dot based outfit without repeating.

Here’s Thursday’s look –

I love this dress. It’s navy with white dots. I love pairing navy with a pop of pink.

And I’m experimenting with some fun 90s style buns.

Also today was a heavy eyeliner kind of day.