Work Halloween Party

My costume went over really well. I’ll be wearing it again for our party tonight. It was good to get out and see my co-workers. I struggle with whether I should go back to work. Sigh. Oh and I got an unexpected bonus! Apparently the boss uses the party as an excuse to give out yearly bonuses. Score!

Halloween 2020

I was able to get a last minute costume: Fiesty Feline.

D dressed as Jesus so we had fun with it:

Things got a little crazy as the night went on, as they always do. This morning, I saw this message from my neighbor –

I know exactly what she saw! I guess that cat is out of the bag (and the cat was definitely out of her clothes by that time of the evening lol).


it got loud

We had about 30 people at our party and then the neighbors brought like 8 people to see the band. Shit got a little cray. Amazingly, the clean up wasn’t bad at all. And the cops didn’t come. We did finish the keg, though. My pounding head is very much reminding me of that fact. Oh and there was flip cup because obviously.

So much fun. Like always. We have amazing friends and cool neighbors. And our kids are cool as fuck. Hashtag blessed and all that shit. ❤️💙💜