happy girl

I’ve been tagged again (two times) to list five things that make me happy, so I’m going to list ten. Luckily, lots of things make me happy. So here we go:

  1. Waking up in the morning to the windows open, birds chirping, and a lovely cool breeze. 
  2. Cat cuddles.
  3. Driving with the sunroof open.
  4. Hoodies. I woke up and immediately put on one of my favorites.  It has thumb holes. I love that!
  5. Seeing the numbers on my scale go down.
  6. Sparkling pinot grigio.
  7. Showing my kid stuff for the first time that I know he’s going to love.
  8. Discovering that bag of weed I didn’t know I had.
  9. Finding awesome pics on my phone that I have no recollection of taking.
  10. Anytime spent with J, D, and F. They make me laugh.  I get to see them tonight. Yay!

welcome to me

Things that I’m happy about today:

  • The super cute video Freya made of me, her, and Jackson playing a couple of weekends ago. The bf showed it to me this morning. She edited it and added music. It made me smile.
  • The cooler (almost autumn like) weather we are experiencing today in STL.
  • The associate’s training is going very well. He’s very bright. We made a good choice.
  • Being the boss: I’m wearing a concert tee at the office today.
  • The day is going by quickly.
  • I get to see Jackson tonight.
  • I get to start a new book tonight.

Things I’m not very happy about today:

  • I’m kind of hungover.

happy things

In 3 hours I will be leaving the office, and I won’t be back for an entire week! I’m taking some time off and I’m so excited.

I get to see Jackson in approximately 4 hours.

I’m wearing a super cute dress today.

The weather is slightly more tolerable than it has been the last couple of weeks.

I had a really fun night last night, and it was much needed.

I figured out the problem with the cat.  The mat under her littler box confused her. I removed it and problem solved. *happy dance*I really enjoy having her around.

I’m going to the lake this weekend.

I’m feeling much more hopeful/optimistic about things that have had me down recently.

Did I mention I’m almost on vacation? <3

I really do believe that a good attitude goes a long way in determining what kind of day you will have. I have decided that this is going to be a good day.