Sunday 7: Mother’s Day edition

  1. I cried this morning because hormones. Sigh. 
  2. Breakfast in bed = leftover wedding cake samples.
  3. I let Jackson go have brunch with his grandmother. He came home with a rose and box of chocolates for me. 
  4. Today is definitely a major cheat day. Cake, chocolate, beer, and pizza has been consumed. Later D has promised me a ribeye and an expensive bottle of wine. 
  5. But…I ran/walked almost 3 miles. 
  6. I’m hoping that once I get my psoriatic arthritis under control I’ll be able to work out more consistently. My appointment is tomorrow morning. 
  7. Movie/nap time with my kiddo. 


I love my present from the kids. It’s perfect: 3 Game of Thrones themed journals.

I love how well they know me. There are maps and stuff inside. So cool. I’m nerding out. 

My second favorite gift from D (because clearly the ring was the big winner) was a Red Lobster gift card because:

  1. Yum
  2. Inside jokes ❤️

the day after

When I opened the box, my hands were shaking.

When I grabbed his hands, his were shaking too.

The kids were there when he asked. It was a lovely family moment.

I can’t stop staring at my left hand.

Everyone keeps saying, “It’s so you!”

He did a fantastic job.

We have received so many lovely messages from friends.

It’s overwhelming, but in the best way.

Today is a quiet day at home with the kids.

This place is a mess, but I’m in no rush to clean. We have all day.

I want to pick out my next read, then curl up and get to it.

It’s sort of strange (and sad) that Christmas is over.