V-Day surprise!

Somebody ignored the $50 limit.

We’re going to Key West!!! He printed out a pic of a plane, our hotel, and the pics of Key West you see above.

Oh and here’s something adorable: D wanted to buy me a few other things to put in the gift bag – things I’d open first before the big trip reveal. He apparently asked Freya for advice, and she suggested chocolate, jewelry and cozy socks. Well D’s idea of cozy socks are hiking socks, which is definitely not what Frey had in mind, but it’s so my husband to not understand the concept of cozy socks that it’s absolutely perfect. And, as he pointed out, I did recently say I needed some hiking socks.

He makes me so happy. I feel very loved and like…cherished. Yes, that’s the word. I feel cherished. And lucky.