a work in progress: the fall decor project

I made some progress this weekend. There was a fabulous 25% off sale at Kirkland’s and I took full advantage. In fact, I’ve been twice this weekend.

The foyer table:

The dining room table:

The buffet and the porch are still in transition, but I did buy a new wreath, and I put out some of the pumpkins. I know it’s not quite Halloween season yet, but I giveth no fucks.

Now if it would just cool down a bit. It’s still in the 90s and I hate, hate, hate it. I’m hoping it will be cool enough next weekend to light up the firepit when our family is here visiting. *fingers crossed*


This weekend’s house project is getting rid of stuff. We cleared lots of boxes from the garage. Tomorrow we will hang the kids’ bikes (and hopefully will get our own soon, now that we have space). We’re also packing stuff up for a Goodwill drop tomorrow.

Like these, which I haven’t read in like ten years:

I used to have a thing for Jodi Picoult. Lol.

We created a little game room in the loft, and were loving it so far. The boys are having a man night tonight, and they will be using it to play Axis and Allies. But earlier, we all used it to play a little foosball.

Oh and we finally moved Bizzy’s kennel from my study! And my desk is being delivered Wednesday morning. Everything is coming together! I’m quite pleased.

study time 💜

We recently switched up how we were using the space upstairs. Both kids moved into new bedrooms. We ditched the family room altogether, which left us with a spare room, and so I got a room of my very own. I plan to use it as a study/home office.

I’m essentially starting from scratch as far as furnishing a study goes. I’ve never really had one before; well not since law school when I kept a small home office (but nothing fancy) for when I got sick of my study carrel in the library. All of that stuff is long gone, and was cheap IKEA crap that barely survived the move from California anyway. Certainly nothing befitting a 40-year-old attorney. So I need everything: desk, chair, shelving, etc.

For my birthday, D gave me a generous budget for decorating my new room. I didn’t want to order anything while we were going to be away, so I just finally ordered stuff tonight. To be specific: a big, gorgeous white desk, fancy desk chair, chair mat, a filing cabinet, two ladder bookcases, and a sofa. D is taking me to pick out a chandelier this weekend, and I’ll probably get a rug as well.

I am very, super duper excited.

My favorite piece? I’m so glad you asked!!

Absolutely fabulous. 💜😍💜

quote of the night

I ordered a pizza for the three kids (Addi is here tonight). I answered the door and the delivery dude was like, “I wouldn’t normally say something like this to a customer, but holy shit that is a huge Christmas tree. It’s beautiful. Can I be here on Christmas morning? Do your kids know how lucky they are?!” It sounds a bit weird when I read it back, but I promise it was actually really sweet and cute and genuine.