the perfect introvert work set-up

The set-up: On hour six of a 15 hour CLE marathon. It just starting storming outside. I’m in my home office, all snuggled up in my cozy office bed (don’t judge!). There are floofy creatures to cuddle, and so many yummy drinks/snacks! Oh and weed. 🌬 I’m getting paid to be here/do this. I can def do this all day. No problem!


Project Christmas All The Things Has Commenced!

I’m really into how my dining room looks this year.

The kids and I did this together, and I had such a good time setting this up with them. I had to excuse myself for a minute when I started getting all teary-eyed. I love them so much and I’m thankful for these moments.

The decorating is a work in progress. It takes us several days to get everything set up. More pics later.

Project day!

We spent most of the afternoon rearranging furniture in our main living area, and I’m loving the results.

When we moved in a few years ago, we put D’s dining set into storage in the basement. It didn’t really match my style; plus it reminded me of his ex. So we bought a brand new dining room set, and used my old dining set in the breakfast room. My table is a high table and not super comfortable, so we had mostly stopped using that room. We’ve been discussing buying a new table, but then I thought: why not just see if we can work with what we have on hand.

Onto the pics –

We bought seat cushions, a tablecloth, and placemats, and suddenly I was really liking it a lot. I’m also loving being closer to the floor. It’s much more comfortable now, and the flow between the rooms is better.

Then we were like: what if we can find a use for the old china cabinet as well? And so we did. Not for actual china though, because I’m not 80. Lol.

I’m super impressed that I was able to help move all this heavy ass furniture up from the basement. It wasn’t easy, and my body hates me right now, but it was worth it. I guess the exercising is working. I feel stronger.

Home decor projects that are currently in the works include: shades for the windows in the big living room, a sofa table, a couple of new rugs, a fancy wine rack, and some plants. I also have plans for my office, and for a photo wall. We figure if we’re stuck at home all summer we should spend some money and time on making the house as comfortable as possible.