*insert sigh of relief*

Yesterday afternoon, D and I went to meet with the builder to fill out our color sheet, which is a 4 page (legal size) document on which we needed to note all of our selections for the house. AND THERE ARE SO MANY FUCKING SELECTIONS: the type of brick, stones, shingles, shutters, siding, soffit and fascia, floors, sinks, stain, paint, tile, counters, doors, trim, cabinets, bannisters, mantle style, marble style…the list goes on and on. When we first started this process, I thought it would be the sort of thing where we picked out some colors, the flooring, counters, and cabinets, but that everything else would be standard per the layout we chose. Nope.  It has been a very involved process in which we picked every single aspect of how this house will look. It has been quite the time suck, and sort of overwhelming at times. 

But we did it, and it feels so great to have this part over. It is such a relief. So now the last thing is to have the pre-construction meeting, which we will have in approximately two weeks. Then they can actually start building!!!! (We went out there yesterday and the streets have been poured. The display home is mostly finished. It’s starting to look like a real neighborhood. By the next time we go, our lot sign will be up.)

Bev says she expects it will be ready by the end of June. Holy fucking shit!!!!

I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. We have picked almost every single thing that goes into making this a house. This is OUR house. It’s going to be so beautiful. 


Someone swooped in and bought the house we wanted, which is a bummer.


We have decided to just go ahead and build a house so we end up with exactly what we want. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea at first, because it is going to take longer, but the more I think about it, the more excited I get. I think picking out all the finishes will be super fun. 

This day is turning around. 

It would really help though if the meds I take to get rid of my tension headaches didn’t make me insanely nauseous. 

It’s always something, right?