My kid was sick last week.

The bf’s kid was sick yesterday.

My ex is sick.

Now I’m sick.

And the bf is starting to feel sick.

So that’s awesome.

I feel very not well, but adulting doesn’t stop just because you’re sick.  I wish some other people would learn this lesson. *sigh*

I can deal with hot flashes. I can deal with warm weather. But dealing with both totally sucks. I turned on the air conditioning tonight. Saving money just isn’t worth it.

I’m trying to maintain a good attitude. It’s hard today. Chronic pain sucks. I’ve been living like this for 10 years and it hasn’t gotten any easier. The middle finger on my right hand is so swollen that I can hardly use that hand. Jax brushed against it earlier and I screamed. My right knee is so swollen that it’s hard to walk. The right side of my body hates me a little more than the left. Ha ha.

But ya know what? Marijuana and oxycodone…they help a bit. Psoriatic arthritis and breast cancer? I think I’m entitled.

Of course, it feels stupid to complain about the arthritis after dealing with the cancer, but it still hurts like hell so whatever. Life is weird.

But…at least I’m alive. There’s that.