the struggle is real

Currently going back and forth on whether I’m going to keep the date I have scheduled with a girlfriend tonight or do what my introverted heart wants to do, which is go home, drink wine, cuddle my cat, and read.

I know I’ll have fun if I go, but I’d also love to go home and relax. I’m so tired and going out always feels like so much work.

There is no good answer.

I don’t know why I even make plans. Seriously. I always do this to myself.

life’s too short to even care at all

I realized today that I have gotten so much better at small talk. It used to be incredibly painful for me, and now I just babble about whatever. I even initiate the conversation a lot of times (like today), which was previously unheard of.

I attribute it to having had cancer. I just don’t give a single fuck what most people think of me anymore. Having cancer makes you stop sweating the small stuff.