things i hate right now

  • People who go back on their word. We had a deal, bitch. Fuck you. This ruins fucking everything. 
  • Stupid snap chat bullshit.
  • Colds/not being able to breathe through my nose.
  • Headaches.
  • That (at least as of last Thursday) they hadn’t started digging the foundation for my house yet. Hurry the fuck up already. I don’t want to have to move twice. Grrr. 
  • Sloppiness/incompetence. Like why would he even turn in this case to me? Did he not look at it before he handed it in? It’s a total fucking disaster. 
  • My face/body.
  • That the dress I wanted to buy is sold out because I waited too long to decide.
  • That the weekend is over.
  • That my kid is sick and whiny and I’m snapping at him because I am also sick and whiny. 
  • How demanding, impatient, and overly dramatic I can be. 
  • Stress induced hives.
  • This piece of shit scale. Why is it four pounds heavier than the other scale? Which one is right? It’s driving me fucking crazy. I need to know which is right!!!!!
  • That I even care so much which scale is right. 

That moment…

when you realize that you drug yourself out of bed on your day off, despite the fact that you have a raging headache, to drive 30 minutes out of your way to have lunch with someone who has asked for your help with something JUST TO BE STOOD UP.

Uh huh. That fucking happened.

The silver lining: I was like ten minutes from the boyfriend and so he came out and had lunch with me instead. And then we ran into his boss. Today has been a weird day. 

Also, finally tried Pearl Cafe (Thai place in NoCo) and it is definitely not as good as King and I. Just saying.