About last night: SAD PROM

I was worried because the weather got bad (❄️❄️❄️) and I thought we were going to have to cancel. But my friends are hardcore and they got themselves here. We had a great time.

D and I decorated the house in streamers and balloons. It was hilariously bad. Then we waited, and of course I had to selfie.

When the friends started arriving, we posed for prom pics.

And then the drinking games started:

We played Never Have I Ever and Who’s Most Likely…

My cards:

There was slow dancing:

And lots of drinking…

And we crowned the prom king!

I enjoyed keeping it really small this time. It’s easier to hang out and get in quality time with just the core group of friends present. We did miss A&R though. And there is a bit of drama going on in our group that has me bummed, but it wouldn’t be prom without drama, right?

D and I didn’t fall asleep until around four. I’m dragging a bit today, but I’m not hungover at all. We’re going to lunch later. I love our day after the party lunches where we recap and gossip.

Happy Sunday!

Prom prep

– light cleaning. These are our best friends, so it can be a little messy.

– shopping for food and booze. I need some low carb snacks. And some prosecco!

– need to run to Target to buy a party game I found. “Never Have I Ever” the adult version. Should be fun.

– we’re moving a mattress upstairs to my study to create a sex room guest room. Lol.

– I found a dress in my closet I forgot I had that’s very flattering so right now I’m planning to wear that. I can’t find the bridesmaid dress. I must have donated it.

– I’m making a playlist on Apple music so it can play on the homepod.

– party starts at 7. There will be pics.