some mom bragging…

Jackson is Star Student of the Week at school, and his teacher asked me to send a letter describing why I think he’s such a special kid. I decided to post my letter here so I can reference it later.

Dear Class,

I am very excited to write a letter all about my favorite person in the entire world: Jackson Alter.

A little bit about Jackson:

He is 7-years-old and his birthday is November 16th. He loves playing games: video games, Minecraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and various board games. Jackson is very active. He loves basketball, swimming, running, riding his bike, and playing with friends at the park. He is hoping to start martial arts this summer, because he wants to learn how to break a board!

Jackson is also a huge music lover. Not only does he make his own music playlists on his iPad, but he also enjoys playing musical instruments. He took ukulele lessons last year, and plans to start piano lessons this summer. When he’s a bit older, he plans to take guitar lessons as well. In his free time, he enjoys playing Rock Band with his family. He especially loves singing the Twenty-One Pilots songs.

Jackson loves science! He is very interested in space, and hopes to be an astronaut one day. He also loves dinosaurs and geology. He has his very own rock collection!

Jackson loves animals. Between his two homes he has two dogs and a cat. He’s hoping to get a kitten of his own someday soon.

Jackson loves to read. His current favorite chapter book is: Super Rabbit Boy. He’s very excited to read the next book in the series. He also enjoys the Harry Potter books.

Jackson is a sweet boy who is always available to give a hug or a helping hand. Jackson is very funny. He loves telling jokes! Especially knock-knock jokes. He always gets extra candy on Halloween because he tells such funny jokes!

Jackson is smart, funny, and kind. He is a great friend who always stands up for what is right. I feel very fortunate to have him in my life. I love him very much.

Thank you for helping Jackson enjoy his special week!


aka Jackson’s mom

happy friday

  1. I’m still exhausted from Iceland and trying to adjust to the time zone change. It’s a bitch.
  2. Last night, Dave and I drank our Welcome Back to America Pale Ale (yum) and watched two new episodes of It’s Always Sunny. The first one (The Gang Beats Boggs) was fucking hilarious. (I can’t really remember the second one because I kept falling asleep.) I’m so glad it’s back.  Best show ever.
  3. Next week I’m registering Jackson for kindergarten. What. The. Fuck. How is this even possible? Where did the time go?
  4. I have a bunch of stuff on my desk and absolutely zero desire to do anything with it. It’s so hard coming back to work after a fabulous vacation. I spent most of my day yesterday going through the 292 unread emails in my inbox.
  5. I’m looking forward to a great weekend with my boy. I promised him we would cuddle, watch movies, and play board games.  I’m also looking forward to Wolpertinger (beer festival) on Sunday afternoon. This year will be even better than the last b/c the bf will be with me. Yay! We love these beer drinking events.