Jackson’s birthday party: Part 2

He wanted cheeseburgers for dinner, because they are his favorite, so D went out into the cold and made it happen. Aww. They were tasty too. Freya refused to eat hers though, because she’s 13. Lol.

But she made this for Jackson so she gets a pass:

He’s very excited about the new Axis and Allies game. He and D have plans to play it on Saturday.

He was thrilled about the $150 in Xbox gift cards! This pic speaks for itself.


My boy. He’s growing up too fast. ❤️❤️❤️

the cutest

My kid has a field trip today where his class applied for jobs, like with an application and references, and now will “work” those jobs in a mock setting at the Magic House. It’s part of an economics unit in social studies. They have to work to make money and then use that money for necessities and bills.

Jackson very much wanted a job at the electric company, because that’s where an electrical engineer would work. There were various options: vet, bank, mechanic, market, restaurant, etc. Much to his delight, he got the job (lol) as a manager at the electric company, so he decided to dress the part. I love how he has emulated D’s style. He so looks up to D, and that makes me happy.

I don’t really know what’s up with the sunglasses, other than they’re apparently “very cool.”



It’s hard to believe we’ve gone from this:

To this:

It goes so fast.

Happy birthday to my sweet boy!

I got to talk to him this morning, and that cheered me up quite a bit. I was pretty down last night.