The end is here…

and I am sad. I can only hope we’re going to get some spin off action. I’d love to see Arya’s adventure continue.

I’m (mostly) happy with how it all played out. I have some sad feelings about Jon, but not in a how dare they way; more in the way where you’re sad when someone you care about is sad.

I cheered when I saw Ghost. ❤️

What an amazing ride it has been. I’m so grateful to HBO for giving us an ending. 💙💙

setlist recap

I’m still kind of awestruck that I finally got to see Two Step live. Of course, it’s not the same without Boyd’s part, but it was still pretty fucking epic. Dave did the extended intro, but he sang the lyrics to Timebomb, and I was like hoooooly shit!! ❤️

And!!! 41, Say Goodbye, and motherfucking Raven.

Fuck me up!!

I told D that my new wishlist songs are Dreamgirl and Captain.

I was super pleased they played both What Would You Say and Ants Marching, because those are the kids’ favorites.

Hopefully one day we will be lucky enough to get a Big Eyed Fish —> Bartender combo. That’s D’s wishlist. They played it the night before in Iowa. Those lucky bastards! But he got Jimi Thing last night! And he was finally at our seats for Don’t Drink The Water. Lol.

Now I want to see another show.