The boys played Sweet Up And Down last night, and it makes me think I have a chance of hearing it at Deer Creek. Omg omg omg. Been chasing this one since like 2000, after hearing The Lillywhite Sessions. I was so bummed it never made it on an album.

I did read some rumors that possibly maybe it will be on their next release. ❤️



I scored tickets for night 2 at Deer Creek. I’m pleased with these seats. We are in the first row behind the audio section, which aren’t super close, but should be an unobstructed view, which is important. I always end up stuck behind some jolly green giant motherfucker.

Yesterday, seat assignments were posted on Warehouse, and oooh boy they are sweet! Our Night 1 seats are about ten rows back from the stage, and I’m flipping out, because that will be the closest we’ve ever gotten.

I now have two random lawn tickets for night 2, but I’ll sell those. The Deer Creek shows will likely sell out, especially given how weird the tour dates are this year.

3:47 am

I wish I could sleep. I can feel the anxiety in my body. I hate this.

Some good news:

I got our DMB Warehouse ticket requests back yesterday, and we were approved for a premium package for night 1 of Deer Creek. This means we should be pretty damn close to the stage, which is very exciting. We got lawn for night 2, which is weird because I’m certain I opted out of lawn consideration (seriously fuck the lawn). So on Friday I will shop the public sale and try to get night 2 seats. They don’t need to be good seats, just seats.


I’m going to ask my oncologist to prescribe me something that will knock my ass out. I can’t do this up all night bullshit and still function. They can’t drop this news on me, tell me I have to wait five days for answers, and expect me to not be affected by it.


So, later today, I have a trial setting in jeffco because the dumb ass prosecutor down there is incompetent. This is such a waste of time, and I can’t promise I’m not going to get into it with her. She’s been dicking me around on this for like six months, mostly because she’s new and is clueless.

I’m supposed to see my pcp today for a follow up, but I doubt I make it because of the fucking trial nonsense.


At what point should I just get up?

best version

This version of Nancies on Live Trax Vol 9: MGM Grand, is fucking fantastic, and it’s because Boyd fucking kills it on the violin during the last five minutes. I hate that he had to be a rapey piece of shit, because I really miss his sound. I’ll never hear it live/in-person again.