Singing From The Windows

Is the song that Dave Matthews wrote about what’s happening currently in the world with the virus/quarantine. He sang it at the concert that was streamed a few weeks back – where he played at his house. It’s a fucking beautiful song. It’s playing right now on DMB Radio, and I am having to fight back tears. He is such a beautiful person. I’m so fucking bummed that the tour is going to get canceled, like there are no words. I know it seems silly, but this band means so much to me, and all I can hope is that I will get a chance to see them again in my lifetime.

OMG WHAT?!?!?!

Fan girl alert:

I just realized (by way of The Bloggess) that Judy Blume runs my favorite bookstore in Key West, and that I unknowingly interacted with her one of the times I was shopping there. HOLY SHIT I FUCKING LOVE HER. I adore all of her books, but Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret is one of my favorite books. Squeeeeeee!!!


The boys played Sweet Up And Down last night, and it makes me think I have a chance of hearing it at Deer Creek. Omg omg omg. Been chasing this one since like 2000, after hearing The Lillywhite Sessions. I was so bummed it never made it on an album.

I did read some rumors that possibly maybe it will be on their next release. ❀️