Obsess much?

I received a package from Unique Vintage today. Upon unpacking it, I realized that I had inadvertently ordered three items from Smak Parlour, which all have Peter Pan collars.

I might have a problem.

Did you see the jack-o-lantern dress though??!! 🎃 OMG love. That dress may be what I wear everyday in October. lol

Fall. Is. Coming. Fucking. Soon. 💥

If you know, you know.


Smak Parlour, etc

is my current favorite dress designer.

I’ve been picking up as many as I can on Poshmark.

This is also by Smak Parlour –

Love love love.

My current second fave dress designer is LA Soul. Check out this new to me beauty:

Birds!!! ❤️

I think I have five LA Soul pieces. They are so quirky and fun. I have birds, cats, constellation, and math prints. Am I too old to wear that shit at 42? Maybe. Do I give a fuck? Nope!

I have found so many great things on Poshmark and also at Goodwill. It has changed the way I shop. I love finding designers I love and sticking with them. I know how the clothes fit. I know what looks good for my body type. It just works.

Enchanted Pussy

Last night, while high, I purchased a perfume called Enchanted Pussy, and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

The description says it’s a mix of strawberry, jasmine, and praline. As a perfume addict, I had to have it.

shop til I drop

I did all the shopping this morning! I hit up TJ Maxx, Ulta, Petco, and the grocery store.

I also grabbed brunch at The Shack.

Yay for postponed treatments and PTO. Lol.

Oh and I found this gem at TJ and I am soooo excited.

BLACK CHERRY!!! ❤️ This pic doesn’t accurately capture how deep and dark the color is. So goth. I loves it so.

I might have a problem. This isn’t even all of my Revlon lip collection:

Obsess much?