it made me smile

I was mistaken for a shop girl today.

I stopped for a quick shop at Banana Republic on the way to pick up my kid, and while there I was asked a merchandise question by another shopper. I explained that I didn’t work there, and she was surprised because I’m “so very fashionable.”

Awwww. Giggle. ❤️

Oh and I found some sweet stuff today. My fall wardrobe is essentially set between what I got today and what I ordered earlier this week from Modcloth and Unique Vintage.

I wish I wasn’t such a shopaholic, but we all have our issues. 😘

It’s 7:57 am

And I’m still in bed, buying shoes online. Three pairs total. One replacement pair of my favorite black suede Mary Janes because I can’t risk them running out, and mine are getting worn. Also…a pair of black suede wedges, and a pair of red suede pumps. Sensing a theme? I fucking love fall footwear. ❤️

I’m taking an easy start to the day. I was supposed to go to the dealership for car maintenance but I had to reschedule, so I decided to take some me time this morning.

I think it’s going to be a good day.