shopping with jenn

I had to run go the grocery store to grab a few things. My main focus was Diet Pepsi, as we were out and I was going through caffeine withdrawal.

But then I found this, and the tiny millennial part of me got very excited:

So obviously had to get a couple of those.

I also figured I needed fresh flowers and a bottle of good cabernet, so I grabbed those as well. Those are winter mental health essentials, after all.

And maybe I also bought a Lindt caramel chocolate truffle candy bar for myself. 🤷🏻‍♀️

The kids love it when I do the grocery shopping, because I come home with goodies, like brownie mix, oatmeal cream pies, and pop tarts. (D is a stick to the list kinda guy. He doesn’t think snacks are essential. I’m more of a what strikes my fancy right now kinda gal. We even each other out. But yeah…when I told the kids I was heading to do the grocery shopping, they both cheered. Lol.)

I bought more bananas because those never last long around here. In fact, I bet half the bunch is gone before the kids head to the other parents’ houses later this afternoon.

Oh and I saw this, and felt annoyed —

Wtf, guys?! It’s January 31st. Slow your fucking roll. Can’t we get through Valentine’s Day first?? Also…eww. Peeps are so vile.

I want…

a new band for my Apple Watch. One of these.

I’m thinking the middle one. They’re too expensive to buy all three, like $52 a piece. That shit is cray!

But I’m thinking that maybe I’ll start wearing it more often, like not just to exercise. My bestie was mock yelling at me for never wearing mine because, in her words, “how am I supposed to keep track of you and stalk you if you don’t wear it?!” We have our watches set up to update each other about shit (like steps/cal/activity).

Let’s be honest though, I’m not really a watch person. Or a bracelet person for that matter. But…maybe I can learn to be.

it made me smile

I was mistaken for a shop girl today.

I stopped for a quick shop at Banana Republic on the way to pick up my kid, and while there I was asked a merchandise question by another shopper. I explained that I didn’t work there, and she was surprised because I’m “so very fashionable.”

Awwww. Giggle. ❤️

Oh and I found some sweet stuff today. My fall wardrobe is essentially set between what I got today and what I ordered earlier this week from Modcloth and Unique Vintage.

I wish I wasn’t such a shopaholic, but we all have our issues. 😘

It’s 7:57 am

And I’m still in bed, buying shoes online. Three pairs total. One replacement pair of my favorite black suede Mary Janes because I can’t risk them running out, and mine are getting worn. Also…a pair of black suede wedges, and a pair of red suede pumps. Sensing a theme? I fucking love fall footwear. ❤️

I’m taking an easy start to the day. I was supposed to go to the dealership for car maintenance but I had to reschedule, so I decided to take some me time this morning.

I think it’s going to be a good day.

Everybody wins

D gifted me a very generous amount of money as an anniversary present to spend on new clothes. (I love him so. I’m so spoiled). Anywho…that means it’s time for another purge. I have like fifty pairs of LuLaRoe leggings that I almost never wear. Guess who they fit?

She’s so pleased.

My pile:

Discard pile: