In honor of 4/20

I present “The miscellaneous shit you’ll find in our weed box.”

Paperclips are actually really useful for removal of ash.

I feel like these are self-explanatory. Lol.

As are these candy wrappers…

There’s also a bobby pin and q-tip. 🤷🏻‍♀️

^^^ obviously

Lol. ^^^ not so obvious. I know why the Pokémon card is in there. Not so sure about the random bouncy ball.

There are several pipes and one-hitters not pictured. I’m going to give the box a good cleaning today.

Tonight we will be celebrating with Nick and Nancy. Should be a good time.

Speaking of covers…

I heard Bob Seger cover Fortunate Son earlier and it makes me want to channel The Dude; you know, smoke some weed and listen to some Creedence. Instead I’m going to pick up my kids and hang out with them since it’s our last night with them until Monday. Lol. But this weekend…yeah, baby.