One Month Of You

I don’t normally read romance novels. They are not really my jam. Too sappy. Too much happily ever after. I picked this one up because it’s a darker tale, about a woman who is caretaker for her mother, who is dying from Huntingtons. She’s had the genetic testing and knows that at some point she will also develop symptoms. So she makes a list of rules for herself which includes no dating/no falling in love, because she doesn’t want to put anyone through the hell of watching her die. But then she meets a very special man and obeying that rule becomes much more difficult.

I enjoyed how this novel didn’t shy away from portraying just how awful it is to watch someone you love deteriorate, and even more so – how difficult it is to know you will suffer the same fate. I feel like it’s exactly what I needed to read right now as my body is consumed by cancer. I saw so much of mine and D’s struggles in the lives of the main characters. I felt seen.

Love is always worth the struggle. Yes, there will be pain. It’s a roller coaster ride for sure. The ride can be rough, and sometimes you want to get off. But every single moment with him has been worth it. I would say yes over and over, a million times yes.

Thank you for riding with me, my babe. ♥️

Thoughts on Six

The set was fabulous. I love that, like a real concert, the band was on the stage. The music was incredible.

The costumes!! *swoon*

Anne Boleyn is typically my favorite wife, but I didn’t care for how they portrayed her character. She seemed somewhat vapid, flippant…I didn’t love it. That’s my only real complaint.

At around 90 minutes, I felt the length was perfect. Just enough. Always leave them wanting more!

Jane Seymour’s song made me cry when she sang about her son:

I’m so grateful to have been able to experience this fabulous show.


This book was clearly written for men. Stone Barrington is a billionaire bad ass who gets laid constantly, is good at everything, is besties with the president, and like every important person in government here and in the UK, oh and saves Los Angeles from nuclear annihilation. No biggie. I read this in less than three hours, because it was the only thing available to me on the psych ward. I’ll say this for it: it was better than staring at the wall for three hours.


This stuff is awesome, and it’s only like $12. I picked it up on a whim at Ulta, and it’s working better for me than any of my expensive brands. It’s very buildable, long lasting, and isn’t flaking.

To be fair, I’m also using Burt’s Bees Facial Oil, which has resurrected my dry af skin.

Unfiltered pic:

Ignore the red marks on my nose: those are from my glasses.