Another stop along the way!

It’s fun to road trip with someone who gets that the journey is just as important as the destination. My ex never got that. He never wanted to do impromptu stops to explore the things we’d find along the way. D and I have a lot of fun on our little adventures. I love exploring the country with him!

Next up: three hours til we stop at a new to us brewery. I mean…it’s us, of course we’re hitting a brewery.

road trip wear: whatever is closest and most comfortable

Living out of a bag on the road is a grind. No time to get fussy, but I made an exception for my flamingo earrings.

Straight from a Key West boutique.

The overall look leaves much to be desired, however.

But check out the length on that pony tail!

Dirty hair, don’t care.

Well, actually I do care, and can’t wait to take a long, hot shower when I get home, with a deep conditioning mask to cure the pool and sun damage. Lol.

Oh and let me sing the praises of these Rothy’s. These shoes are comfortable and oh so durable. I’ve worn them on all of our walking intensive vacations this summer, and they really hold up. The best part is that I can throw them in the washer when I get home. They’re designed to be washable!! Let me know if you want a referral link. We can both save money on a new pair. 💜

1:04 am

Just got into bed in Dalton, GA. We’ve been driving since 8 am when we left Key West. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to sleep here, but I’m going to try. We had a hard time finding a hotel. We didn’t book in advance since we didn’t know how far we’d end up going. Our main objective was to get past Atlanta. Mission accomplished!

It will be good to be home tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to give my kiddo a hug.