My client has not even a glimmer of recognition that her current situation is entirely her own fault. Instead, she has decided it is my fault, even though she was reminded at least five times (and that’s just the times we have proof for) that this exact fate would befall her if she didn’t complete her financial management course.

This sort of nonsense is exactly what is wrong with the world. My daily experiences with clients for the last 13 years have taught me that very few people take any personal responsibility for their actions and their lives. Everything is always somebody else’s fault; they are always the victim. Honestly, I have very little sympathy left for most people.

I’m tired, dude.

grin and bear it

I do this thing where I clench my teeth and smile to get through particularly frustrating interactions with clients.

The smile definitely doesn’t reach my eyes, but nobody seems to notice

On high client interaction days, my jaw hurts by the time I leave the office.

Today will be one of those days.


The idea that we should drop what we’re doing to assist you when you come in unannounced when the office is closed for lunch.

Oh is it your lunch break, bro?? MINE TOO.