The idea that we should drop what we’re doing to assist you when you come in unannounced when the office is closed for lunch.

Oh is it your lunch break, bro?? MINE TOO.

today’s adventures in dealing with clients

**One lady came into the office, and told T, “I feel an evil presense in this building.” She then went out to her car and came back with a bundle of sage, which she burned for us to “drive out the bad spirits.” Because she just carries sage around with her…ya know, like you do.  She also laid hands upon T to bless her.

T was like, “So we should be good now.” And I responded, “Sage isn’t going to handle the demons though…” She looked quite dismayed. Haha.

**I just had an initial consultation with a 23-year-old man. During our conversation, he said, “I know this is really unprofessional and all, but you are really pretty, and do you have any kids? Are you married?”

I’m not wearing my wedding ring today, because my finger is swollen. I replied, “Oh thank you. Yes, I have kids. Yes, I am married. I am also old enough to be your mother.”

Him, “Mmm. Damn.”

Me: “So moving on…”


fucking monday, man

I’m in a mood today.

It’s Monday, and I dislike Mondays. Mondays are always super busy at the office, and full of fuckery.

I refused to see one potential client because he showed up for his appointment an hour late. He’s lucky my business partner decided to accomodate him. This dude has a foreclosure sale on Wednesday morning, yet couldn’t be bothered to be show up to his appointment on time this afternoon. I’m done making exceptions for people like this. You don’t get to show up an hour late and still be seen by me. I don’t have time for that level of entitlement. It’s gonna be a no from me, dog.

Another guy showed up with a check to pay his fees, despite the fact that the policy clearly states that we do not accept checks. The best part is, it wasn’t even his check – it was his dad’s check. Oh and he wrote it for more than was necessary and asked me to refund the difference. I don’t even know where to start with this. I’M NOT A FUCKING BANK. Obviously, I did not accept the check. He couldn’t understand why. *face palm*


The rest of today’s appointments canceled because of the cold weather, and honestly, thank god for that.

best boss ever

Apparently, I’m an awesome boss because I brought a bunch of Girl Scout cookies to the office. Freya sells them, and while I don’t care for most of them, I feel obligated to order from her. Now the staff is arguing over who gets what and wants me to acquire more. Lol. They are sad about the lack of Thin Mints, and so I shall try to remedy that.

way the fuck over it

I’m so done arguing with people who make a lot of money about why they have to pay back their debts. Everyone thinks they should be able to charge, charge, charge, and then wipe it all out. That works when you’re poor. It doesn’t when you make $150,000 per year. Pay your shit or don’t…I don’t give a fuck, bro.