I wish my clients would take a deep breath and think about what they’re going to say before it comes out of their mouths.

If I hear one more time, “This bankruptcy ruined my life,” I’m gonna lose my shit.

Oh did it? Did getting rid of that $100,000.00 in debt ruin your life, Martha? I’m so fucking sorry to hear that.

That’s basically how I respond to them, because I don’t even give a fuck anymore. I’m so fucking sorry that you got rid of all of your debt but now you can’t turn around and immediately buy a house because you have shitty credit. Cry me a motherfucking river, my dude.


okay then…

Our firm offers the option for clients to text us. It’s often used, which is cool, but sometimes we get texts that weren’t meant for us. Like today, a traffic client who had been dealing with our Alex sent us the following text:

Alex…stupid! I was not even able to obtain an engagement ring and I was with you physically for a long time.

To which we responded: Was this text meant for B&A LLC?

To which she responded: No!


I don’t even know where to start, so I’ll just leave it.

“i’m not a miracle worker, i’m a janitor”

I’m completely aware that I’m the one who signed up for this lawyer life, including opening my own firm, and everything that comes with it, but holy fuck this shit is hard sometimes.

It’s hard dealing with upset people in difficult situations who don’t want to hear the reality of their situation, who expect you to be able to work miracles for them, and want it done right fucking now.

It’s hard to be the boss. I have hundreds of clients’ lives and situations to consider, but I also have my employees to consider. They take a lot of abuse as well. Their jobs are difficult. I have to weigh their needs with my own need to keep money coming in the door so I can pay all of us.

Sometimes I feel like I’m going to break under the constant strain of other people’s wants, needs, and expectations.

I’ve only been back in the office for three days and I’m already completely mentally exhausted and stressed out.

Just needed to vent. Back to the grind, I go.



Just got invited to move to the docket for the judges’ favorites. 

*happy dance*

I’m a cool kid now. Ha! And my work bestie was also asked so fuck yes. 

Hard work actually pays off sometimes. ❤️