Leota Love ❤️

Leota has become my new go-to brand for work dresses. I was excited to finally snag the black sweetheart wrap with white polka dots. It had been sold out forever.

It came a few days ago. 😍

I’ve also been coveting the houndstooth version which always sells out before I can snag one. About a week ago, during a bout of insomnia, I decided to do a search to see if I could find it being sold elsewhere.

AND I DID! And in the weirdest place: the home shopping network! It gets better: these dresses run about $130 retail, but it was on clearance with HSN for $35. Motherfucking score!

It arrived today, and it’s gorgeous.

My collection is now up to 8. There is one dress not pictured below because it’s being washed. (I wore it yesterday).

I may be a little obsessed, but for good reason: these dresses are flattering, comfortable, and are made of wrinkle free fabric. 🥰

July is going to be brutal

Out of 22 working days – I have court on 17 of those days.

The majority of those 17 days require appearances in multiple courts. On one day, I have hearings in five different jurisdictions. To make matters even more stressful – on several occasions I am actually double booked for appearances.

I normally take the week of my birthday off, but I had to cancel that, because I am fucking SLAMMED. (But I am happy to report that there is no court on my actual birthday: the 22nd.)

A big part of the problem is that all the crim/traffic courts are finally getting around to rescheduling all the shit that got continued due to Covid. So I have to make up for like four months worth of hearings in one fucking month.

Jesus take the wheel. lol.


That moment when you think something is going to be simple, and then it turns out to be an entire fucking ordeal, and a fuckton of work, over something that could have been avoided if other people had done the shit they were supposed to do. Oh and it originally took a bunch of work to get this result in the first place, which is what my client wanted.

I’m so stabby right now. Like I don’t have enough on my plate. Now I have to do a bunch of work to undo a bunch of work.

I do not make enough money on these cases to deal with this nonsense.

The agenda today

Gotta catch up on CLE before the June 30th deadline, so I’m doing the Annual Law Update (rebroadcast) today.

And sometime this afternoon the grooming truck is coming to give Bizzy a spa day.

Then much later we have a dinner date with friends.

I wish I felt better. I’m in pain today. At least I can do this course from bed:

It feels like a field trip!

I’m going to the office this morning, and then I have in-person court this afternoon in Jeff co – the trash county to the south populated with people who don’t believe in Covid-19. 🙄

I told D to be prepared to post my bail. Lol.

At least I look cute today! It’s fun to get dressed up for court again.

Dress by Leota in the Garden Gate print.

Today is my Friday!

And now that my workday is over, I’m in weekend mode.

But let’s rewind –

I feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit recently. That’s due to a combination of utter boredom and feeling shitty. I woke up feeling fairly good today, so I decided to take advantage. Hence the fancy attire earlier:

This morning when I woke up, I decided to take a “before” pic. Before what – I’m not entirely sure. I mostly just want to see if my body changes at all during the couch to 10k training.

Trying to reduce that mom tum a bit.

I ran today after my last appointment of the day, and it felt good. I’m hovering right around 5k, but slow and steady is definitely what I need right now. The app only wants me running three days per week, so I walk the other days (when my body allows it).

I read somewhere that 30 min of cardio, 5 days per week, can be as effective as chemo, and while I doubt that is true, I’ve taken it to heart.

I need new running shoes. See those holes? 😆

I participated in a town hall zoom meeting for STL Co courts this afternoon regarding the crim and traffic divisions, and what the new procedures are going to be moving forward. I kind of can’t believe this is reality. Life feels so strange. I will say that the silver lining of the virus for the legal profession will be that it is forcing the courts to finally embrace technology. We will be doing Zoom court appearances, and eliminating so much bureaucracy in the process.

I’m off tomorrow because I have treatment in the morning, and I know I’ll feel shitty afterward. My plan is to come home and lounge on the couch while I watch Netflix all day. I’m looking forward to it. I deserve a couch day.

In other news: my hair stylist reached out to me to say she would open the salon for me on a day where nobody else will be there so that I can get my hair cut. I love her so much, and am so grateful. I need to cut this hair so it will be easier to manage (and look better) while I adjust to these meds. I sure do hope the shedding will slow down soon. I’m really depressed about it.

I was feeling like I shouldn’t risk it, but D says we can’t completely neglect our mental health, and I agree. Plus, we will be wearing masks and sanitizing everything. I will ask the oncologist what he thinks when I see him tomorrow. It my white counts are decent, then I suspect he will says it’s okay.

Waiting on D to get back from his run so we can do our Thursday night thing.

Happy Friday Eve!

i’m fucking done with this bullshit

This is the first time that I’m ever truly about to lose my shit over this entire pandemic situation. I don’t mind staying at home, but it is not a good way to hold court hearings. These people are all too fucking stupid to know how to use the phone. I had a hearing scheduled at 1:30. I called in at 1:20 to be told that they were still on the 10:30 docket. There was a docket scheduled for noon as well – and that didn’t start until around 2:30. It is now almost 1:30 – and my case probably won’t be heard until around 5 (maybe) because I am closer to the end of the 1:30 docket. Meanwhile, people keep interrupting the hearings – taking their phones off mute and complaining or asking stupid questions. Or some people just don’t mute their phones at all, and you can hear them carrying on in the background, which delays the hearings. It’s just such a fucking shit show, and I am about to fucking lose it.

Add into the mix that the kids are here asking for shit, and interrupting us while we try to work. Freya’s teacher needed to talk to her, but Freya’s phone is dead, so I had to walk away from my work to interrupt Dave’s video conference to try to get his phone so Freya could use that instead (since I’m still on this stupid fucking court call). I’m just extremely fucking frustrated, and I need a god damned drink.

Oh and add into it all that I am exhausted from Round 2 of Ibrance (today is the last day of this cycle and the third week on is ROUGH) – and also feeling shitty from getting onto Lexapro. I want to punch someone right now.