Day 16

I need to start drinking less. That’s my goal for tomorrow (technically today as it’s now 12:15 am – welcome to day 17). I’m just drinking out of boredom at this point. I’m gaining weight and I feel shitty about myself.

Good news: my running has improved a lot over the last few weeks. That makes me happy. I’m hoping to manage to wake up early enough to run in the morning before work.

I texted several of my girlfriends tonight to check in. Most of them aren’t doing very well. The isolation is getting to them. I’m setting up Skype dates and trying to be as supportive as possible.

I’m still mostly okay with being home. Just a tiny bit antsy. D and I manage to have fun no matter what we do as long as we’re together.

I’m really busy with work stuff. Kind of overwhelmed actually. Doesn’t seem like it’s going to ease up anytime soon given the hit the economy is currently taking.

I should try to sleep.


Quarantine: Friday – Day 13

That means it’s Friday the 13th – kind of. Ha.

Anyhoo – another day into this mess. When will people start taking it seriously? I drove to pick up the kids today (from the other parents’ houses) and saw so many people out and about just hanging out like no big deal. I passed Faust Park and the playground was packed. I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

I hate people.

The bk court has decided to resume 341 hearings as of April 6th – but they are doing them all via telephone. This is going to be a fucking shit show. A colleague/friend was telling me that the court would prefer for us to have our clients come to our office to do this and I was like LOL NOPE. I’m not dying so that someone can get a bankruptcy discharge. Fuck all of that bullshit. Everyone can call in separately, and when it is a total shit show, they can fucking deal with it. It is what it is. It’s not like it isn’t within their power to continue these hearings for another month. It isn’t going to hurt anything/anyone.

The court has also asked that we use a landline phone, which I don’t have at home, and I’m sure as fuck not driving 45 minutes to use the one at my office. I don’t give a single fuck. Who has a landline at home anymore? Ffs.

Ugh whatever.

I’m ready to make steaks, drink wine, and chill.


surreal af

This entire situation feels so fucking weird. Is this even real life? 2020 has been a real shit show so far.

I drove into the office this morning, during peak traffic time, and the highways/roads were mostly empty.

At the office, all kinds of people were just walking in for shit, which I found strange. Hello, do you not watch/read the news, bro? This is not a good time to conduct business in person that can be handled over the phone. We ended up locking the door and putting a sign up. I did a bit of work, packed up a bunch of stuff I needed, and headed home, where I now sit in my study. I have an afternoon of phone consultations ahead of me, as well as miscellaneous paperwork. Eventually, D and I have to venture out to the grocery store. We need to stock up.

While at the office, I took a package of toilet paper since we are running low, and I have no idea when I’ll be able to get more. We’ve stopped using our paper towels/napkins too – just in case. We are using cloth towels and cloth napkins – which maybe we should get into the habit of using anyway since it’s better for the environment.

I spoke to Naarah and JN and canceled our plans. Gotta text A&R next.

I’m already tired of being cooped up in the house. It’s going to be a long three weeks (and maybe more).

In other news this week: I have my radiation oncology appointment on Wednesday, and my medical oncology appointment on Friday. I’m getting nervous about starting treatment; especially in light of everything that is going on.

More later. I have work to do.

Social Distancing

I’m trying not to freak out about the virus, but I’m also not taking any chances. I have enough problems. Plus, we all need to do our part to slow the spread. From what I can tell, a lot of people aren’t taking it very seriously, unfortunately. Sigh.

We were supposed to go to a friend’s house this afternoon to start our D&D YouTube campaign, but we decided to appear by Skype instead. (I wasn’t feeling very well or social anyway so it worked out).

You’ve gotta love technology.

Jackson was supposed to have a sleepover tonight with two friends, but I didn’t feel comfortable with that, so I told him no. He was pretty upset, and I get it, because he’s been looking forward to it all week, but I explained why it’s so important, which helped. I’m disappointed that the other parents are moving forward with the sleepover. Seems irresponsible, but I can only control myself.

One silver lining of staying home is that this project is going to be finished this afternoon:

It looks so good.

Most court is cancelled this week, with the exception of two dockets. My lawyer friend is going to cover one for me, because she doesn’t want my immune compromised ass in the germy af courthouse, which I greatly appreciate, and she’s already going to be there. I’m hoping to get the other continued. I’m also planning on canceling three other outings I had scheduled this week.

I guess I have plenty of time for reading, cleaning, and exercise now, huh? Oh and Discovery, because god-motherfucking-damn that shit is good. I also think I’m going to go ahead and get Disney Plus.

Okay bye for now.

a classic stl muni court tale

I went to court this afternoon to pull some warrants, and there was a dude in the waiting area who was singing and dancing while waiting on the courtroom to be unlocked. He was singing that Rod Stewart song that goes something like, “Some guys have all the luck/some guys have all the pain/some guys get all the breaks/some guys do nothing but complain…” The funny thing is that it didn’t even occur to me that this was in any way unusual. This sort of shit happens all the time at city court.

Later, I was getting compliance letters from the clerk, and this same dude was standing around waiting for me. He asked if I was an attorney, and I reluctantly said yes (lol), because I knew what was coming. He then launched into a very confusing tale regarding his situation and need for legal assistance, of course. We talked for about 20 minutes, and I still cannot tell you wtf he has going on. Some kind of “maybe traffic mixed with a little domestic violence because he wouldn’t get off the porch, but he doesn’t remember because it was three years ago, and it isn’t his fault the judge kicked him out of the courtroom for calling him beautiful, because he forgot that men don’t like to be called beautiful” type of situation.

And me, being the absolute sucker that I am, took pity on this poor fool, because he is clearly mentally ill, and gave him my card. I gave him some advice, told him to go home and call my office so we can run his name/dob and find out wtf is going on, and hopefully he will follow through. He seems like a genuinely nice person.

pieces of me

Last night, I was talking to D about career stuff, and mentioned how being a lawyer is a huge part of who I am. I wouldn’t be the same Jenn if I gave it up. I know that it’s a high stress job, but we shouldn’t discount the stress of starting over, whether that’s doing something new or just working at another firm. For all the stress of running a business, and there is a lot, at least at the end of the day I have the final say. That’s a freedom I don’t know if I’m ready to give up. I feel like walking away from this firm would break my heart.

During this conversation, I reminded D of this bio I wrote in the 5th grade and posted here recently:

Even as a 5th grader, I touched upon three of my defining traits:

  1. I fucking love cats.
  2. I’m obsessed with reading.
  3. I’m a motherfucking lawyer. It’s in my bones. Like DMB says: I love you because I can’t stop.

biopsy day aka wednesday

People keep calling me, and I keep sending the calls to voice mail. I’m not in the mood to chat. I’m exhausted. I have a headache. My back is sore as fuck.

Anyway…the biopsy: it’s done. Doc says they got three good samples. I was drugged up, but not knocked out, so I was aware of what was happening, and it was not pleasant. I’m sure you’re shocked to hear that having a giant needle stuck into your hip is not a fun time.

And now we wait. We won’t have the results by Friday, so the appointment with the oncologist is being rescheduled to next week.

Here’s a pic of us hanging in the waiting room:

This morning was pretty nice. We hung out in bed cuddling, chatting, and listening to music. Got in a hot bang. I wish all mornings could be like that.

We’ve been setting up lots of fun plans. We set up a Brew Hop tour, and we’re doing a tequila & taco event with J&M. Oh and we bought tickets to Microfest (beer festival).

I’m following Shannen Doherty on Insta now. She has MBC too, and her posts are helping me. I stole this from her page:

Relevant af.

Ordered this today:

Other internet stuff from this week that has spoken to me:

The ladies had to reschedule some appointments set for today, because obviously I was unable to be in the office. Well this one cunt sent two really shitty emails saying that I’m an unprofessional asshole for doing so. Here is my response:

I’m not biting my tongue with these motherfuckers anymore.

That’s all for now.


i’d cut a motherfucker…

This just happened in my last consultation:

Me: What is your marital status?

Him: Single.

Me (because I have learned the hard way): Have you ever been married?

Him: *long pause*

Him: I’m married.

Me: Are you separated or something?

Him: No. I’m just used to saying I’m single. *raises eyebrow at me and winks*
I guess you can put down whatever you think is best.

Me: Well, I’m going to put down that you are married, because you are legally married, and that means something whether you think it does or not.

**What’s even worse is that they just had a baby together one fucking month ago.