oh hey, thursday!

I tried on four of the five dresses I received in this month’s LeTote. The first three were too tight in the bust, but fit everywhere else. So bittersweet…lol. This one I really like. #4 ftw!! It’s a plaid print sheath with a zip in the front. I’ve decided to stop shying away from fitted dresses. Yeah, I have a mom bod…so what? Own it, girl. I’m still turning heads over here!!

And I’m wearing my fave 90s throwback velvet heels. Check out that chunky heel!

Currently in line to see the prosecutor at the Justice Center. I have four cases on today. Send good vibes!

the situation

When someone tells you they have questions, and you’re like okay ask them. But then they just keep making declarations, and finally you’re like: OKAY BUT WHAT IS YOUR ACTUAL QUESTION THO???!!!!

Related to above –

They ask a question. You begin to answer that question. They don’t listen to that answer, but instead ask a completely different question WHILE YOU’RE STILL TALKING.

And finally –

They say something nonsensical, and you say, “I don’t understand what you are asking.” They snort and look at you like you are a fucking moron. Then say the same nonsensical thing again.

Welcome to my afternoon.


I just had a consultation with a guy who I am legitimately afraid of. He completely lost his shit during our meeting; ranting and raving about shooting people if certain things happen to him. I was able to calm him down and get him out of my office, but holy fuck…I’m freaked out.

And, of course, this dude has a bunch of guns at home, because of course he does.

I’ve gotta say though, I have gotten very good at de-escalating explosive situations. So…yay for me?

For fuck’s sake.

Also, you NEVER interrupt the judge. Fucking never. That’s lawyering 101. These fucking losers.

Yes…still sitting in the courtroom. Should have been out at least 30 min ago. Actually…never should have had to appear to begin with, but opposing counsel can’t get his shit together. So.

I do not understand the way this judge runs his courtroom. It’s preposterous.

That said…

When you’re addressing the judge, stand the fuck up. So disrespectful not to do so. Ugh.

clients today

  • One got “taken by a scam” where he paid out over $15,000.00 (via iTunes gift cards) to someone he met through an online dating site, but never met or saw in real life. I shit you not. I wanted to ask him if he at least got some sexting action, but I didn’t.
  • Another had the most ridiculous fake eyelashes I have ever seen (which is really saying something) and I couldn’t stop staring at them. I wanted to pull them off so badly. Oh and she just doesn’t understand why she isn’t eligible to get a discharge of all this debt she’s accumulated – even though she just had a discharge of debt like four years ago. “UGH…IT ISN’T FAIR!!!!!!!!!”
  • This other dude came in wasted and absolutely reeking of alcohol. He looked like he was about five seconds away from completely losing his shit. After he left, I had to Febreze the entire downstairs and light a bunch of candles – the reek was overwhelming.
  • One more to go. I wonder what’s behind door number four??