the aftermath

That guy came back with his mom who knew absolutely nothing about how he had been squandering her money instead of paying the mortgage. Oh and how he had wracked up $15k in credit card debt in her name. And then he tried to take over the conversation and talk over me and mansplain all the things because he didn’t want her to know what a fucking piece of shit scam artist he is, but NOPE. Nice try, bro. He got kicked out of the office, but I fucking laid into his ass first. He’s apologized to me like fifty times, but I was not having it. He can fuck all the way off with his fucking bullshit.

Anyway, I’m on the path to saving his mom’s house…no thanks to him. I literally told him to fuck off. Lol. Oh but I did make him pay the fees necessary to get the case filed. What a piece of shit he is. He’s scared of me now AND I LOVE IT.

One more thing: the mom, who is a fiesty little lady, thanked me profusely on her way out and asked jokingly, “Can you also help me if I shoot him in the foot when we get home?”

Lol forever.

for fuck’s sake tho…

This dude called earlier and was like oh hey my house is going to be sold at foreclosure tomorrow and I want to stop it. Okay fine. Come in.

He gets here and it isn’t even his house. It’s his 95 year old mother’s house.

Where’s mom?
Well she’s old so she stayed home.
Are you POA?
Well yeah.  Of course.
Okay, show me the paperwork.
Well I don’t have it with me.
Okay go get it.
Well I actually mean I don’t have paperwork at all.
So you aren’t POA?
Well I tell people I am.
Okay well 1) stop doing that because it’s fraud, and 2) I can’t help you. I need to meet with your mother and you are running out of time.
So you expect me to bring her in here just to meet with you??
Sure do! I’m not getting disbarred for you.
Okay fine.
Btw…do you have my money?
I have a check I was going to write.
LOL NO!!!! Cash only – like we told you on the phone.
Okay I’ll be back in 40 minutes.

I’m not holding my breath.