With just a click of a button, settlement letters have been sent out in my two biggest cases of the moment.  *fingers crossed for a favorable resolution*

I’m tired, yo.

But…the relief is palpable. Of course, now I get to start the worrying over their responses, so…

Nothing is ever truly fucked.

I’ve been (needlessly) worrying over a bunch of work stuff recently, and something D said to me yesterday really hit home. It was basically that there is no point in worrying about all the various potential problems that could pop up because chances are they will resolve themselves before it every actually becomes a real issue.


Cue me – obsessing over how the fuck I’m going to get all the discovery I need on my civil rights case. I emailed opposing counsel and he was less than helpful, so I’ve been sitting around obsessing over subpoenas and HIPPA forms and the like. What showed up in today’s mail? A full fucking copy of my client’s medical records.

Note to self: Most of the time shit just works out. Be chill.

I have two conferences tomorrow regarding my two most complicated cases. I was worrying pretty hard core about this earlier in the week, but I’m just going to take a deep breath and whatever will be, will be. Like I said, most of the time, nothing is ever really and truly fucked.

The prison trip

The prison was on the Illinois/Indiana state line. You could see the Welcome to Indiana sign from the prison. Once you cross over, you’re in the eastern time zone. It’s always weird to me how a four hour drive can bring about a time change.

The prison was a total shit hole; like I expected it to be, but it was worst than I thought. Getting in was a fucking ordeal. Paperwork, multiple forms of identification, waiting, waiting, and more waiting. Questions. They scrutinized my outfit. I almost didn’t get in because I was wearing a dress and they thought it might be too sexy…seriously. I was saved by the fact that I was wearing leggings instead of stockings. (It was 1 degree, so…) I couldn’t bring in my phone. I couldn’t bring in money. I couldn’t wear a watch. It was nuts.

It was sort of scary. Multiple pat downs, scans, and locked doors. Stern guards. But I guess this is to be expected when you’re visiting someone convicted of attempted murder.

The inmates clearly don’t see women often, and there was some leering, but it wasn’t too bad.

The visit itself was fine. Good even. We had a good conversation. I think we have figured out a decent strategy for moving forward.

I was glad to leave, though. So fucking glad.

I’m going to prison tomorrow.

To meet and interview my client. Duh. 🤣

The facility is about 250 miles from here. Someplace called Danville, Illinois.

I’m nervous, and also a little excited. This is new for me.

I’ve spent my afternoon preparing. Reading all the facility rules took twenty minutes by itself. I have an outline of what I need to ask, and a list of topics to discuss. I’m hoping to spend about 90 minutes with him and then I’ll head back home.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, mostly spent in the car.


Today is fucking crazy, my dudes.

I’ve been going non-stop since 6:30 this morning. Just now getting a chance to sit down and breathe for a minute. Between the law firm’s busy season starting to ramp up, this civil rights litigation, other professional responsibilities, and then all the normal home/life shit…I am a bit overwhelmed.

The good news is that I’m feeling more engaged in my work/career/firm than I have in quite some time.

The bad news? I haven’t had much of a chance (or even the motivation, energy, etc) to kick start my weight loss goals. Though I haven’t really had much time to actually eat either, so maybe it will just work itself out. One can dream.

Tonight, however, I am definitely off-diet. It’s date night. We are doing beer & bbq at an old school favorite Dave & Jenn spot, and I am oh so looking forward to it. I need this.

My to-do list is crazy long and I haven’t gotten much crossed off. I’m going to need to work this weekend for sure.

Better get back to it.


lawyering rant

I’m so fucking frustrated. I don’t even know where to start.

This civil rights case is going to suck all the fun right out of my fucking life. I can already tell.

That said, the little bit of reading I’ve done so far…I can’t blame this dude for filing the case. The prison administration is shady as fuck.

But…I’m way outside of my comfort zone. Civil rights litigation is not my area of expertise. Not even close.

But sure, I’ll learn an entirely new (and extremely complicated) area of law right at the start of our busiest time of year. And, of course I’ll take it to trial. Sounds fucking awesome!

*sarcasm alert*

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

In other news, we’re leaving B at home in his kennel for most of the day.  For the first time. D is going home to deal with him over lunch. I’m hoping to get to stop in for a bit in the late afternoon before I head to night court. Another thing I’m not happy about, because it is over something so stupid and avoidable. I’m hoping I’ll get it wrapped up in time to make it to Freya’s band concert tonight. If not, then I’ll just go home and start drinking while I wait on D.

Also, my staff is kind of annoying me today. Like don’t tell me what you are and aren’t going to do. You are going to do whatever the fuck I tell you to do. Otherwise, you will be working somewhere else.

Don’t test me, motherfuckers.