ahh yes, now i remember…

I spent the entire morning in Saint Louis County Circuit Court doing various criminal dockets. Running from one courtroom to another. Managing clients’ expectations. Negotiating deals with prosecutors. Arguing a motion in front of a judge. Doing a blind plea and arguing my way into better probation conditions. It was intense. I was stressed. But it was fun. The morning flew by. That adrenaline rush is addictive. It’s better than drugs.

This is why I became an attorney. I think I should make a bigger shift towards criminal defense. (After all, I originally wanted to be a public defender.) I’ll always do bankruptcy. I’m quite good at bankruptcy. I even enjoy it sometimes.  It’s nerd law, and that is my jam. But it isn’t exciting, and it is a grind. I also find the clients tend to be more difficult to deal with than defendants, which is kind of nuts when you think about it.

I had four cases on this morning, so I guess that area of practice is picking up.

Mama like.

I bitch about my profession quite a bit. I figure it is only fair to mention the good parts as well.

And, honestly, I’m starting to get a bit excited about my upcoming trial.

I had a 30 min phone conversation with prison client. I ended up yelling at him, because he is making decisions based upon bad information and false assumptions. He won’t take the really amazing settlement deal that’s on the table because “it’s the principle of the matter.” I told him I was going to make him sign something saying I told him he was making a huge mistake.

In like 10 minutes, I’m heading to Ladue to meet with my CPA to talk about tax liabilities. So that should be super duper fun.

My assistant was like, “When you get back…” and I was like, “Oh no, I am not coming back today. Fuck that noise.” The only place I’m going (after kid and pet pick-ups, of course) is home.

What I wanted to add, but didn’t, was, “I may never come back,” or even, “I hope this place burns down while I’m gone.”

So that’s where we are today.

I was all jazzed to go to candlelight yoga this evening, but it was canceled. I guess I will have to find another place to channel my rage.


It’s a vicious cycle.

You can’t just walk away from 500 active cases, no matter how much you want to, and you still need to make money, so you have to take on even more cases. And this goes on and on and on for the rest of your fucking life until you just drop dead from the stress of it all.

That’s what it’s like being a lawyer.

Oh and you likely paid like $100,000.00 for the privilege.

yay…i guess

I just filed my responses to Defendants’ Motions in Limine in my civil rights case.

On the one hand, I’m relieved and maybe a little excited.

On the other hand, it was just one of many things left to be done on this case, with time running out. To say I’m feeling overwhelmed would be the understatement of the year.

Regardless, I will have a celebratory drink this evening. Those were a lot of work.

just one step at a time

I’ve been up since about 4:30 am worrying about various things. Around 5:30 am, I decided it was stupid to lie around worrying about stuff, when I could just get up and do some of the stuff. So I did. I got to the office super early. I cleared a bunch of stuff off my desk. Also, I am now >this< close to being done with these fucking responses that are due on Friday. I think maybe they’re sort of good. I feel like they are persuasive, and that’s what really matters. I don’t actually have to do the oral arguments until July 20, but I’m sort of locked into whatever I write in these written responses, so…stress.

Of course, I also awoke to various emails, court filings, and emergencies, so the stress just keeps on keeping on. But at least I’m making some sort of progress. Sometimes that’s all you can hope for. I get a strange satisfaction from literally marking something off my to-do list.

I typically work from home on Mondays, so I’m going to pack up in a bit and head back to the homestead. I will then finish my writing for the day, and maybe even find time for a run before the bestie comes over tonight to hang out.

working at home has its perks

My little buddy is hanging with me while I draft responses to these motions in limine in the civil rights case.

I’m also on my second pear cider, and listening to Spotify as I work. It’s actually going fairly well so far. Some of their arguments are fucking ridic.

I really want to win this thing just to show these motherfuckers what’s up. Oh…you do this every day? Well I’m a court appointed attorney who has never handled one of these cases, and I fucking owned you.

Also, I truly believe my client is being fucked over and deserves his surgery.

Dreams and goals. 💙