Oh and another thing about last night…

One of my really good friends brought an attorney friend of hers that does personal injury work to the party. The idea was for her to do some networking. The friend, Rebecca, is a newish attorney. The three of us got tipsy and chatted for quite a while. At one point, Rebecca goes, “Sorry if this is rude, but you seem to have a lot of experience for your age, and just how old are you anyway?”

Me: “I’ll be 40 in July.”

Her: “No fucking way, dude.”

And…I love her. Haha.

Seriously though…the three of us left at the same time, and once Rebecca had walked away, Danielle said to me, “I knew you two would hit it off, and you’re two of my absolute favorite people so I’m very happy right now.”

We have plans to do a happy hour soon.

Yay to new friends, and yay to looking younger than I actually am! ❤️❤️

Current court

My second court of the day. The first was federal court, which was supposed to be closed to mourn President Bush, but our judge is extra so… We were the only ones there. It was crazy.

is this even real life?

I can’t adequately convey through writing the pure mind fuckery of my conversation this morning with that dick face lawyer. Let’s just leave it at this: his most uttered phrase (out of the many crazy ass things he said to me) was, “I can’t have anymore bar complaints!” He said that at least 10 times. No joke.

Ugh these clients today were fucking on.

This morning, a client I had never met before (because he had always met with my partner) acted super weird and initially refused to believe I was who I said I was, because, “I didn’t think you’d look like this.”

Say the fuck what? Jesus fucking Christ.

Then on the afternoon docket, a particularly high maintenance man kept huffing and puffing over how long the docket was taking, because he has “many important things to do.” My response, “Oh I’m so sorry you have so many more pressing matters to attend to other than discharging $65,000.00 in debt in one afternoon. By all means, feel free to leave and not get a discharge. It doesn’t matter to me.” His face was priceless. Fuck that guy.

What I wanted to add, but didn’t was, “And maybe this short sighted way of thinking is exactly what has you sitting in this room to begin with.”

People are such entitled fucks, istg.

oh what a morning!

I woke up to discover the highway I drive to and from almost everywhere was closed due to an awful accident. Somehow, it still ended up being the best route. That’s how horrendous traffic was this morning.

I left the house at 7:15 am and didn’t get to my kid’s school until 9 am. School starts at 9:05 am. It normally takes me 20 minutes max to get to his school.

Unfortunately for me, I was supposed to be in a courtroom in the city at 9 am. So I hauled ass like whoa to get downtown. I parked in a no parking zone. I ran into the courtroom at 9:45 am, just as the prosecutor was getting ready to leave. I got my 5 cases handled. Ran back to the car, which luckily was still there. (I wasn’t too worried about being towed. We’re talking about the city after all.)

I pulled into my parking spot at work at 9:59 am – just in time for my 10 am appointment. It’s a little after 11 am now, and in the last hour I have: made $1200, and filed a law suit against a creditor.

Pulled that morning off like a fucking boss! *pats self on back*

My afternoon is filled with more court hearings and more consultations. I’m supposed to do a book club meet-up tonight, but I may just cancel it since most people can’t make it, and I’m exhausted. Or…I may just tell the girls to swing by my place for some wine.

Yes, that sounds excellent.