It finally happened…

My son had a mini breakdown this afternoon after hearing his dad go on and on about his precarious financial situation. Not in front of the kid, dude. NOT IN FRONT OF THE KID!

What the fuck?

Obviously, I comforted him, and reassured him that D and I will take care of him no matter what. That doesn’t relieve his anxiety about his dad though. Ugh.

I just wish…

Whatever. It doesn’t matter. It has literally never fucking mattered.

and also on the co-parenting front:

Just sent a link to Freya’s school’s parent portal along with a note, to D, which said –

You need to sign up for this parent portal so we don’t have to rely on K for information anymore. 

I’m tired of relying on other people. I want the info first hand. It’s not even that I’m saying she’s not giving it to us. It’s just stupid not to get it directly from the source.

Oh…how nice

No need to include us in on the plans to visit with Freya on family visitation day. I mean…why include us when you can go be the hero on your own? We’re only the other parents. No biggie.

Cool, cool, cool.

Co-parenting sucks.

You know what though? Given everything that has happened this year, I’m going to wedge myself so far up his ex-wife’s ass when it comes to shit like this that her head is going to fucking explode. (Don’t think I’ve forgotten that Freya was signed up for a two week camp without our permission).

The gloves are off. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thursday thoughts (it’s Thursday right?)

I’m taking a chill approach to the day. My first appointment is at 11, so I’m still at home. Starting slow. Going to shower in a bit.

I gave Jackson the option of skipping camp and coming to work with me, which he immediately accepted.

Speaking of camp, it’s a touchy subject for us (me and D) right now. I originally wanted to enroll Jackson into the normal day camp, which has hours from 6 to 6. Perfect for me, because I don’t have set hours. My ex argued and argued for this different schedule we’re doing now, where the camps and hours change every week. He thought it would be better for Jackson, and guilted me into it. He promised me he would cover pickups and drop offs when my schedule wouldn’t allow me to accommodate it. For example, camp this week runs from 8:45 to noon. I can’t leave work every day at noon and drive 20 miles to get Jackson.

Fast forward to yesterday, aka day three of camp. Suddenly he’s not sure he can make it happen, because he doesn’t have any gas money. He has money to go party with his friends on the weekend, and go out to eat, and buy video games, but not to pick up our kid – something he has already agreed to do. I am fucking livid.

I have some not very nice things I’d like to say regarding the reason he doesn’t have any money, but I’m going to bite my tongue.


I’m about to cancel the entire fucking thing.

Oh and shit like this…this is why we aren’t married anymore. This lazy, unemployed yet ridiculously entitled, selfish, always a victim, bullshit.

Oops. Guess I didn’t bite hard enough. Lol.

D and I have had serious discussions about just going for full custody. The only reason I don’t is because it’s not in Jackson’s best interest (emotionally).

Ugh. Whatever.

I really am in a decent mood – despite how this post reads. I’m just annoyed as fuck regarding this one situation.

A word of advice: don’t get married in your 20s.