A little Friday Mindfuck!

This picture was in my Facebook memories from six years ago today. It has 23 likes, but I can only see 21 of them, because the other two were obviously the exes. Realizing shit like that is always still a bit weird, though it honestly all feels like a different life to me at this point. Oh how far we’ve all come. Except…obviously not far enough to be unblocked. 😂

But look…isn’t my baby the cutest?! And so tiny. Why you grow so big, bb??? *sobs*

Freya’s mom came to pick her up, and after, Jackson told me he’s sad that his dad isn’t including him in his Christmas plans today. The ex is going to hang with his gf and her family, and even though Jackson was invited, he decided not to take him. For reasons I find completely idiotic. So now Dave is stepping up and doing dad duty by playing a game with Jackson. I’m thankful for this man every day.