lash obsession

After months of obsessing, I finally decided to go ahead and order a Moxie Lash starter kit (magnetic lashes with magnetic eyeliner). I’ve read all the reviews, and they are overwhelmingly positive. I can’t wait to get them and see how they work for me. I’ll be posting pics and a review – obviously.

Oh and also – I finally broke down last weekend and ordered the Silly George lash serum. It also has crazy good reviews. The before and after pics are cray. I started using it last night. I’ll post a review in a few weeks, but I have a good feeling about it. [I ditched R&D Lash Boost after reading some shady things. It did make a difference for my lashes while I was using it, but not as much as I had hoped].

I figured that these ^^^ were better alternatives to lash extensions, which are expensive, time consuming, and damaging. But fuck do they look amazing. Sigh.

The results so far…

I tried two of the Allure Beauty Box goodies this morning. Here are my thoughts…

This might be my new holy grail brow product. It’s way better than any pencil or gel I’ve used. It goes on like a gel, but it attaches micro fibers to the brow hairs. I’m hooked! Super impressed my this.

I’m a mascara snob. I mostly used Urban Decay Perversion and Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions. I try new mascara all the time, and I’m usually disappointed, so I wasn’t expecting much from this. I’m pleasantly surprised! This is dark and buildable. No spider eyes. My lashes have been looking wimpy af fuck recently, but they’re looking long and full today. Idk for sure yet, but this might be a keeper. I can’t stop looking at my lashes! Pics later.

Referral link to the box:

e.l.f. Foundation Serum

I picked this up on a whim at the grocery store, and I really like it. It gives my face a healthy glow. The coverage is very sparse, so I’ve been using it as a primer underneath my regular foundation, but I can definitely tell a difference when I use it. I also love that it has all sorts of vitamins and the like. Oh and sunscreen!

I will definitely buy it again.