Friday night dinner

is always steak night. It’s our thing.

This wine was fantastic, and only like $18.

I was in charge of the vegetable, while D handled the steaks. I found a recipe on pinterest that looked good, and then I modified it to make it more palatable for us.

These were so spicy. I threw them in the wok with sesame oil, soy, ginger, red pepper, lots of garlic (duh), a pinch of sugar, a dash of rice vinegar, and some other shit I can’t remember right now. 😍

The plated view:

Those aren’t bacon bits on the potato. It’s red wine salt. We love red wine salt. Not that I’m against bacon bits. I love that shit. We just didn’t have any on hand.

I ate every single bite. No regrets.


This weekend’s house project is getting rid of stuff. We cleared lots of boxes from the garage. Tomorrow we will hang the kids’ bikes (and hopefully will get our own soon, now that we have space). We’re also packing stuff up for a Goodwill drop tomorrow.

Like these, which I haven’t read in like ten years:

I used to have a thing for Jodi Picoult. Lol.

We created a little game room in the loft, and were loving it so far. The boys are having a man night tonight, and they will be using it to play Axis and Allies. But earlier, we all used it to play a little foosball.

Oh and we finally moved Bizzy’s kennel from my study! And my desk is being delivered Wednesday morning. Everything is coming together! I’m quite pleased.

Sunday projects

Today we:

  • cleaned all the things.
  • organized all the things.
  • went to IKEA and bought even more things.
  • created a (board) game room in the loft.
  • hung several pictures.
  • bought a new duvet/remade the bed.
  • Much laundry.

It doesn’t seem like a lot when I write it here, but it kept us busy all day and well into the evening.

We did take a break for dinner at a special place. More on that in a separate post.

motherfucking friday night 🙌🏻

My husband said my blog has been quiet this morning. That means he wants me to post. I love how much he loves reading my words. ❤️

So…about last night:

It started out innocently enough.

But soon spiraled into drunken debauchery.

That led to weed, and mind blowing sex, like you need to get a magic wand and incorporate that shit into your sex life. You won’t be disappointed!

Multiple orgasms later, we got into bed for a little TNG and dessert.

Actual dessert, you perv!

I’m high af in this photo. Lol. That Skinny Cow cookies and cream sandwich was the greatest fucking thing I had ever tasted. Only 160 calories!

A fucking fantastic evening! More tonight.

about last night

We sat in my study (yay) with the kids, and chatted until midnight. There was lots of laughter, and…oh my heart. ❤️❤️❤️

After we got them tucked into bed, D and I headed outside with the bong. We chatted and laughed for almost an hour before the mosquitoes finally forced us inside.

It was such a good night.