A favorite

The gang got back together last night for another epic adventure.

I’m the wyrmlimg, having transformed from my usual fairy form in order to battle some water demons who were susceptible to fire damage. (We didn’t have a red dragon wyrmlimg available so just use your imagination).

Other pics from last night’s battle:

Here are O’Reilly (Ann) and Twilight (me). I’m still in crazy battle pixie form here. She’s a half-orc barbarian. I told her I should tag this pic #bestielife, and so I did over on Insta. Haha. 💜

And here are me and Farbis having just delivered the final death blows (yay Call Lightning!!) to the final boss (which ended up being a fire demon. Tricky, tricky, DM!).

And just because it’s cool as fuck:

It was a fun night. We didn’t get home until 1:30 though, so I’m going back to sleep since it’s not even 7 am yet, and we have a big, labor intensive house project today. More on that later!!

Friends: adventure|grateful|unlikely

Yes, he’s my husband, but he’s also my very best friend; the person with whom I have felt my most comfortable, safest, and happiest. He is my person.

The prompt is actually perfect for describing our relationship, because: I am beyond grateful to have him in my life, especially considering how unlikely it was that we would make it this far; like nobody believed we would last. But here we are, enjoying this adventure together. He’s my favorite person, my ride or die, my #1 bestie, and the best tequila shot buddy.

Here’s to all the adventures to come. I love you.


**this was yesterday’s prompt, and this pic was taken last night. We like to start our night off with a tequila shot, though I was quite heavy handed on the pour, so this was more like a gulper. We felt that one!