Me And You Were Meant To Be In Love 🎶🎵♥️

Today (well yesterday now: April 12th) is our ten year anniversary. I can hardly believe it. Here’s hoping for ten more.

Headed to The Loop for our date night:

We went to Blueberry Hill for dinner, because it has a special place in our history. We met there very early on to discuss what the hell we were going to do. Because we were married…to other people. Like absolute dorks, we met for lunch and actually discussed the pros and cons. We decided to not see each other. That lasted for exactly two days.

Then we went to Delmar Hall to see Wolf Alice. It was a great show, though I’m bummed that they didn’t play “Silk.”

After the show, we hit up Itap and drank and talked, laughed and cried. It was exactly what we needed.

I’m so lucky that you are my best friend. There’s no one quite like you. ♥️