V-Day surprise!

Somebody ignored the $50 limit.

We’re going to Key West!!! He printed out a pic of a plane, our hotel, and the pics of Key West you see above.

Oh and here’s something adorable: D wanted to buy me a few other things to put in the gift bag – things I’d open first before the big trip reveal. He apparently asked Freya for advice, and she suggested chocolate, jewelry and cozy socks. Well D’s idea of cozy socks are hiking socks, which is definitely not what Frey had in mind, but it’s so my husband to not understand the concept of cozy socks that it’s absolutely perfect. And, as he pointed out, I did recently say I needed some hiking socks.

He makes me so happy. I feel very loved and like…cherished. Yes, that’s the word. I feel cherished. And lucky.

woo to the motherfucking hoo

After much deliberation, tonight we finally bought a brand new king sized bed and super fancy mattress. It will be delivered 3/1. It’s going to be so luxurious. So spacious! So sexy! SQUEE!! Can you tell I’m excited? Lol.

We also passionately discussed SUVs. We’re so married-middle-aged-people-ly nowadays.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. ❀️

it’s awesome

though still feels kind of strange,
to be in a relationship where my partner cares so very much about my happiness.
you’d think i’d be used to it by now,
but there are times where i’m still like – wow.
for so many years, my happiness was secondary to…everything.
i got used to marginalizing myself.
now i don’t have to, but i sometimes forget.
it’s a hard habit to break.

he’s a keeper for sure.
he truly believes in the “happy wife, happy life” mantra,
and i try desperately not to take advantage of that fact.
i hope i’m succeeding.

he read my blog, decided i seemed sad, and texted to cheer me up. in the process, he solved a problem i was struggling with.

i love him forever.
i’m so glad he’s mine.
forever grateful.

i love you, babe.

shopping with jenn

I had to run go the grocery store to grab a few things. My main focus was Diet Pepsi, as we were out and I was going through caffeine withdrawal.

But then I found this, and the tiny millennial part of me got very excited:

So obviously had to get a couple of those.

I also figured I needed fresh flowers and a bottle of good cabernet, so I grabbed those as well. Those are winter mental health essentials, after all.

And maybe I also bought a Lindt caramel chocolate truffle candy bar for myself. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

The kids love it when I do the grocery shopping, because I come home with goodies, like brownie mix, oatmeal cream pies, and pop tarts. (D is a stick to the list kinda guy. He doesn’t think snacks are essential. I’m more of a what strikes my fancy right now kinda gal. We even each other out. But yeah…when I told the kids I was heading to do the grocery shopping, they both cheered. Lol.)

I bought more bananas because those never last long around here. In fact, I bet half the bunch is gone before the kids head to the other parents’ houses later this afternoon.

Oh and I saw this, and felt annoyed —

Wtf, guys?! It’s January 31st. Slow your fucking roll. Can’t we get through Valentine’s Day first?? Also…eww. Peeps are so vile.