I didn’t remember until this morning that yesterday was the one year anniversary of my bilateral mastectomy. I was worried it was going to bother me a lot, but it really doesn’t. I think a big part of that has to do with the fact that I’m extremely pleased with my reconstruction.  As the weeks go by, I like them more and more.

It also really helped that I was having way too much fun yesterday to give cancer any thought. I love days like that.

Thanks to alloftheinbetweens for sharing this with me.  It’s what I’ve been trying to express all month,  but presented much more eloquently.

My favorite part:

So the thought of seeing bra-less women flaunting two body parts that I have lost to cancer – more than I already see this on a regular day – does not feel all that supportive. In fact, it feels quite the opposite.

Please Put That Pink Can of Soup Down and Put Your Bra Back On