sunday stuff

  • We bought (the first round of) new furniture for the house today. I’m so excited. I love the stuff we picked out. We bought a sofa, table, and two chairs for the great room. We bought a sectional, chair, and ottoman for the hearth room. We got a table for the entryway, and we bought a new dining room table, chairs, and bench. It’s going to be delivered a few days after we move in.
  • SQUEE. I wanted to post pics, but I’m too tired now. Maybe later.
  • We packed up Freya’s bedroom and the loft area this afternoon. We cleared out a lot of old stuff. We are making good progress.
  • D and I worked out today and yesterday.
  • Tonight is taco night. Mmm…
  • I’m super tired. Right now I’m enjoying some alone time.
  • After dinner, the plan is that D and Jackson are watching Star Trek while Freya and I watch Gilmore Girls.

i know that you’re half crazy but I wish you would go all the way

Is today actually Thursday? I think today is Thursday. My sense of time is all messed up this week from being out of town and then we had Freya on Tuesday night when normally we wouldn’t (which was awesome btw. We had a really great conversation with her when she got home).

Just checked. Yep, it’s Thursday. That means it’s date night! Woo woo woo!!!

We’re going balls to the wall tonight for real. We need a night to just chill and let go.

Things are a bit stressful currently. D is stressed about work stuff and overwhelmed by the details of the move. We have a bunch of packing we need to start this weekend. We will be moving into the new house in less than two weeks. (OMFG). I’m also stressed about work stuff, and I’m stressed that he’s stressed. I’m stressed that Jackson is stressed (he really wants to get into the new house so he can have his own room again). It’s too much. But this too shall pass.

We have figured out our closing costs and also our furniture budget. Let’s do this!

Work: What a fucking nightmare people have been this week!! Yesterday, I got into it with a client and then stomped out. I can’t even with the stupidity anymore. I’m off the last week of August and I cannot wait.

Exercising is going pretty well. Training. Shredding. The runs aren’t as frequent as I’d like. I miss my treadmill. I’ll have it back in like twelve days though.

I have a goal to lose three pounds by the end of the month.

I have been thinking about the situation with D’s parents, and I just want to state that I think they suck. I don’t actually care if they don’t like me personally, but they should absolutely want to meet the person their son has been in a relationship with for four years; a person he is moving in with. A person he will eventually marry.  A person who is a role model to their grandchild. They don’t make sense to me. I cannot imagine a situation in which I would do something like this with Jackson. I may not always support every choice Jackson makes in his life, but I will always love him, and I will always be interested in his life. D has made it clear that he wants them to take an interest and they just refuse. They are hurting the person I love, and that pisses me the fuck off.

Whatever. They can suck it.

It’s 11:20 am on a Thursday and tonight I’m going out with my man and nothing is going to bring me down. Not shitty people. Not stupid clients. Not incompetence. NOTHING.


Hi! I hope you have a lovely day. xoxo



Everything is crazy, crazy, crazy busy.

L is out this week and so the rest of us have been working together to do her job in addition to our own. She does a lot of shit, so this is no easy feat. I shouldn’t even be writing this blog post right now, but I seriously need a break. Despite how crazy things are here, we have been laughing a lot and generally having a good time around the office. However, there has been much venting and exclaiming, such as: “Are you fucking serious right now?” or “Lord have mercy!!!” or “For fuck’s sake”… just to name a few. This is done dramatically and loudly, of course. Haha.

Seriously though, I adore my staff.

I moved most of the stuff out last week, but I have still been making trips to the apartment to clean and pick up various items I left behind. This is stressing me out. I have to be completely out by tomorrow night, and will be making my last trip after work today. It’s going to be weird turning in the keys and all that, but really I’m going to be so relieved to be done.

is going pretty well, I think. Violet is still being a bit of a pain, but there have been improvements. The kids seem to be adjusting well. We are all a bit cramped though and can’t wait to get into our new house.

We visited the house last night, though we couldn’t go inside. It is looking so good. I’ve decided I’m not posting anymore pics on social media until it is finished. But OMFG it is so gorgeous.

I think we are going to visit Saturday and take some measurements so we can order the furniture for the great room and dining room. *squee*

Tuesday night, D and I hung out with my bestie. We did some cleaning at the apartment and then walked to Urban Chestnut for dinner and drinks. Thursday night, we finally got to hang out with one of our fave couples whom we haven’t seen in forever. We took them to our regular Thursday night hangouts and much fun was had. Also, much drinks were had, and I woke up a bit hungover today.


I stole ^this^ pic from Rob’s blog, because it’s too cute not to post.




House pics 😍❤️

Too tired to title

*The thing I like best (so far) about my new place is the giant pantry. Oh or maybe it’s the two car garage. It’s hard to pick.

*The thing I like least is the lack of storage in my bathroom. I have an extensive make-up collection, and there’s no good place to put it. I think it might be time to get rid of some of it. *gulp*

*I miss WiFi. AT&T just emailed me that they can’t set up my service tomorrow because the previous tenant has not disconnected her service. For fuck’s sake.

*I had to choose what to watch last night from a dvd collection that was ravaged during my divorce and hasn’t been updated in like three years. So I ended up watching Almost Famous. I had forgotten how lovely it is.

*I’m going to miss TWD because of the whole no cable thing. Ugh. Pissed doesn’t begin to describe what I’m feeling. (first world problems, am I right?)

*Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are the best cookies. I ate a giant one last night during the movie. It reminded me of the very first time I ever had one, which is still the best one I ever had. It was from the bakery at Ralph’s (a grocery store) in Los Angeles. I wonder if they still make them.

*I woke up with sore muscles today from all the lifting of heavy boxes and walking up many stairs. I have more work to do today. At least I can do it with the windows open. It’s beautiful in Saint Louis this weekend.

welcome to the working week

  • I had an excellent weekend, though it wasn’t without a bit of drama. I am a jealous gf. If you touch my boyfriend, I may very well cut you. 
  • I guess it’s technically still the weekend for me, because I’m not working today. Instead, I will attempt to get some more packing and cleaning done. 
  • I get the keys to my new place on Friday morning. I drove by on the way home this morning and I saw the maintenance guys in there painting. I’m starting to get really excited, though I’m still pretty fucking overwhelmed, tbh. 
  • My Modcloth order should be delivered today. I finally snagged the Coach Tour Dress in houndstooth. This morning I received a notification that the Record Time dress was back in stock in black, so I had to snag that too. (Hi, I’m Jenn, and I have a Modcloth addiction.) But I needed the black dress for the outfit I’m planning for 90’s night at the end of the month. It’s going to be ridic cute.
  • Happy Groundrat Day.  This day makes me rage-y.
  • There is a new Jojo Moyes novella coming out on Feb 5th and I am super excited. Thanks to karaisafourletterword for letting me know. <3
  • I can’t wait to pick up my kid from school today. I want to cuddle, play with Legos, and watch super hero themed television shows.
  • I guess I should go be productive now. Boo.

hey mom…

So we are moving in like ten days, and I finally started packing tonight. My kid is here and he is questioning everything I do. 

Mom, why are you taking the clock off the wall? How are we going to know what time it is? (He doesn’t even know how to tell time.)

Mom, are we taking my Transformers backpack to the new place? What about my Lightning McQueen book bag?

Hey Mom, are we taking the tv with us?

Mom, are we taking the iPad? Will Netflix work at the new house?

Hey Mom…

He just keeps going and going. Every time I tell him the same thing: we are taking EVERYTHING. I think he’s getting really excited though. I am too actually, but I’m also slightly sad, which seems dumb since we are only moving one block away. It’s easy to get sentimental though. I’ve made some amazing memories in this place. 

But…TWO CAR GARAGE. Yes, please.