Gone Away

Whenever my husband travels for work, I’m always reminded of the song Gone Away by My Brightest Diamond.

Far away you’ve gone and left me here

So cold without you, so lonely dear

May, June, July, I count the time

Every minute I go, takes the smell of your clothes…further away.

It’s a hauntingly beautiful and heartbreaking song. I discovered the band when they opened for The Decemberists back in 2007. I fell in love with their sound, and enjoyed their set way more than the main act. I have a major weakness for female/piano acts.

I don’t listen to MBD very often nowadays, so it always strikes me as interesting that this song haunts me in this way.

I never used to be this way. I’m generally good at being alone. I used to love it when my ex left town. I used to crave it. But now? I just feel like I’m missing a piece of myself.

This post brought to you by Benadryl 💙

Peter Hook and the Light (Atlanta, 2018)

It was a great night.

The first set they covered New Order. It was fantastic.

The second set was all Joy Division, and it was fucking bad ass; like maybe one of the best shows I’ve ever attended.

The crazy part? Two songs into the second set the power went out. We were on emergency power for like 45 minutes. A bunch of people bailed, but we held out, and it was so worth it.

I’m so glad D and I got to experience this together. It was well worth the trip from Saint Louis.