We do this cutesy thing where we send each other pics of what we’re listening to when the songs remind us of the other person. We started doing it a few years back, and it still makes me smile every single time.

This morning:

And it’s not lost on us how he’s the one listening to DMB and I’m listening to New Order. I guess maybe we’ve rubbed off on each other. Just a little…🥰

music lessons

I’ve been educating the kids about rap. Tonight we listened to Nelly on our way home from cub scouts. (Frey came with us because she’s my little shadow ❤️) Our playlist: Country Grammar, E.I., Air Force Ones, and Hot in Herre.

Anyway…they responded to Nelly more favorably than they did Snoop and Dre. I think because Nelly is less hardcore. I think it was too much too soon. But I’ll get them there.

Freya started seat dancing to Hot in Herre, and I was like woot!! Jackson continues to be unimpressed, however.

And then we flipped everything on its head and had a T Swift sing-along at the end: All Too Well.