Our Saturday afternoon. 4.18.15

My Saturday afternoon/early evening.

Not pictured: I finally completed one of my photo projects. It looks great hanging in my living room. I also finally finished the book I’ve been reading for over a month.

And now I’m going to finish off this bottle of pinot grigio while I watch The Book of Life with my kiddo.

Happy weekend.

PS: I can’t wait to eat those cookies tomorrow!! I bought four. One for each of us.

My Saturday.

My Sunday afternoon in pictures.

We do these types of posts a lot over on LJ.  I thought I would bring them here.  You’re welcome. 🙂

Jax and I have had a quiet, relaxing afternoon.  The best way to spend a rainy day.

We played with the trains a lot. Jax really enjoys it when Percy and Duncan crash. 

We baked muffins.

These were a big hit.

Finally, I got to do two of my favorite things, while Jax played with the iPad, which is one of his favorite things.

I’m still reading Damned, but I hope to finish it this week.  It’s finally getting good.

Now it’s time to make dinner.  Happy Sunday!