Today is my Friday.

I woke up with D’s summer cold. I could tell it was going to be a thing as I was falling asleep last night.

I want to read Dark Matter again. Last night’s TNG has me in the mood for more good science fiction. I’m going to try to convince my husband to read it with me.

I have a lot of stuff to do before I leave today, and I have to leave early, so bye.


But always trying to improve.

Also…best shirt ever, right?? 🙌🏻

We hit it hard today. Weighted squats, benching, and pull-ups. My body is already screaming! Made plans to do it again on Wednesday morning. Gotta make gains, baby.

Oh and can I just say that the hydromassage bed at Club Fitness is 🙌🏻🥰🙌🏻.

wiwt: thursday edition

I dig wearing brooches when a dress has a high neckline. This butterfly one is a favorite.

My pink Rothy’s are 💕

Right now I am really digging my Norvina palette. Celestial is where it’s at!

Sometimes I top it with Stormborn by UD. Not today though. But seriously…purple eyeshadow for the motherfucking win.

My new go-to lip color:

I top it with a bit of gloss: either clear (today) or Bougainvillea gloss by LipSense (which I adore).

ootd part 2

I know the mirror is filthy…sorry!! BUT…this is what I wore for date night, knowing my husband would love it, and I was 100% accurate. ❤️💜❤️

I was going to wear my peep toe wedges, which admittedly would have been cuter, but my other adorable shoes from the morning gave me epic blisters, like OMFG.