depo day (finally)

I defended a depo today in one of my big Chapter 7 cases. (Finally! It had been continued three times.) It got a bit heated as these things tend to do. Attorneys like to yell at each other after all. It took all morning. I’m ready for a beer!

Turns out my friend’s office was on the same floor so I popped in to chat with him for a bit. The view from his office is incredible.

This was the same view from the depo conference room. So at least there was that.

Tell us about your style

This pic is pretty indicative of my style. I love dresses. And statement jewelry. And Mary Jane style (or t-strap) heels. Pops of colors: like pink or red shoes. Sparkle. Peter Pan collars. Peplum. Bell sleeves. I’m a girly girl through and through.

I am trying to branch out a bit this fall, however. I’m going to invest in a couple of pairs of skinny jeans. Some tunics/sweaters/cardigans. I get a lot of compliments when I wear jeans because people aren’t used to seeing me that way anymore.

I have a pair of over the knee boots I can’t wait to rock, but it has still been hot as hell here in the Lou. I want to wear them with fish net stockings and a mini dress.

As for make up, I love hot pink, purple, and gold eyeshadow. Glittery is good. I don’t care that I’m 39. I wear what I want.

I’m a lip gloss girl. No lipstick for me. I hate the way it feels. No beige or nude lip colors ever. I hate that shit.

Patterned and/or brightly colored tights make me happy in the fall and winter.

I’ve recently gotten into vintage brooches and fun pins to stick on jackets, coats, sweaters, or bags.

Polka dot everything. I’m a polka dot whore.

I adore shoes! Sparkle flats, cat flats, and any shoe with a pom or flower embellishment. Must have them all.

I like to make a statement with my clothing. I hate looking boring. Fashion is only something I really started paying attention to around 2011. It’s been fun to see how my personal style has evolved.