Friday fashion

It’s too cold to fuck around with dresses.

My original caption was going to be: too cold to be cute. But then my husband came out of his study to say goodbye to me and he was like “damn you look good today” so nevermind I guess. 🥰

end of the day

How about mixing it up and doing an end of the day selfie/ootd pic? This is after I took off my suede thigh high boots and put on my sequin slippers. Ahh…much better!

Makeup is a mess. Clothes are wrinkled. Hair is fucked. No filters. Keeping it 100% real. ❤️

Oh and as you can see, this dress has no sleeves, and dips low in the back. I was stupid enough to not bring a cardigan with me to the office. I was freezing all day. Whenever I wasn’t in with a client, I was wrapped in my office blanket, next to my space heater.