about last night: the city sleepover date

Oh what a night!! We decided to do a nostalgia tour. We will leave trying new things for next time.

First stop was Itap, of course. It just feels like home. And the music was so on point, just like always.

We had fun taking pics.

I always take a selfie in that ^ mirror. It’s tradition!

After three beers, we walked around the corner to our favorite patio for a fantastic dinner.

Best French onion soup ever. Period. I’ll fight you.

About halfway through our meal, a man came by with his cello and started playing. It was so lovely. I actually started to cry at one point.

After dinner, we grabbed an Uber and headed to The Scottish Arms for more drinks.

It’s one of our favorite bars. It felt good to be back.

Then it was back to the room for sexy fun time and sleep.

Such a great night. ❤️❤️❤️

On a different labor day

6 years ago we went to a local winery, and got quite drunk.

Look how young we were!

(My hair was at about four months regrowth post-chemo. It’s weird to see it so short, though I do miss how easy it was to deal with).

We had a lot of fun that day. Except for the part where D’s ex went off on him via text. But that’s just all part of the story now: remember when we got wasted at the winery and then K yelled at us. That was a good day!


(His ex yelling at him/us for having fun became a common theme over the years. Luckily, that has mostly died down).

We were thinking about going back to the winery this year, but I think I need an alcohol break. We’ve hit it hard three nights in a row. So the current plan is to go shopping this afternoon, which is another favorite Labor Day activity. I’m always in the mood to shop.

But I may need a nap first. I’m on the struggle bus today.

My ex just picked up Jackson, so we are without kids until Wednesday night. Who knows what we’ll get into…

Lunch with the college bestie!

My college bestie is in town all the way from Honolulu, and he treated me to an amazing belated birthday lunch at Yellowbelly.

We decided cocktails were a must. I ordered the piña colada, which was quite rum heavy. Woo wee.

And we couldn’t resist the oysters, because obvi.

These were topped with watermelon and were delightfully refreshing. (God I sound pretentious…sorry!)

I had the lobster enchiladas as my main course. These were incredible. Very heavy on the lobster too.

He came back to the office for a bit for a tour, and to finish our chat. We discussed plans for a road trip so that D and I can hang with him and his husband in Roanoke (where his husband is currently completing his fellowship)…hopefully sooner rather than later. I miss them both like crazy.

And we made a point of getting a pic this time, because we always forget.


We’ve changed so much since 1997, but I still love him to pieces. Some things never change.

An impromptu hike

We only went four miles, because these kids are wimps. I thought at least the Girl Scout would be tougher, but apparently not. It’s cool though, because D and I plan on getting back out here very soon. AND we got to see hundreds of adorable frogs, so that was awesome.

I 💚 🐸

I see more hiking and biking in our future.