bestie funday

What a lovely day we had! I even love this awful selfie!

Facials, followed by lunch, followed by pedis, followed by seeing A Simple Favor. That movie was a mind fuck. It was also one of the rare instances where I preferred the movie to the book.

We need to do bestie fundays more often.

Now I’m waiting on the husband to get home so we can start date night. Tuesday ftw!

out of touch

We’re going to a party tonight and I’m leaving my phone at home. It’s going to feel weird, but probably rather freeing as well.

See ya on the flip side. We’re going to a friend’s pajama themed birthday party in the city. We got the neighbor besties to join us in going as the McPoyles from Sunny. Everyone else will be trying to be cute, and then there will be us. 🤣

and now for something less depressing…

I promise I’m not in a bad and/or sad mood this morning. I hurt physically, but I’m actually in a good mood.

Last night was fantastic. D came down to see my new office space. He agreed with everyone else who has seen it: huge improvement over the old spot. Afterwards, we walked down to 1764 Public House for drinks. Then it was off to Gamlin for dinner (and more drinks, of course). We were celebrating a work victory for D. It felt good to be out doing our city thing again. But it also felt really good driving home to our lovely house out in the suburbs. There’s just something about driving on the highway, with the top down, on a summer evening.

We do this thing where, if we’re apart, we text each other pics if this song comes on. Because it’s our song. It was our wedding song even. We’re together tonight, but I still needed to take this pic. Headed home after a fun night out, to do what we do. #weekendvibes