D’s Work Christmas Party

It was good getting to see all of his colleagues and their spouses again after so long. I also got to meet some people I hear about all the time. The party was at City Foundry, which I had never been to before, and it’s a cool place. It was a good time, though I’m still bummed it was the same night as Freya’s choir concert. Hopefully I’ll be here and well enough to attend the spring concert. That’s what I keep telling myself.


Carrie and I hit the road this morning to visit our old stomping grounds in Columbia. We had lunch at a favorite restaurant, and then visited campus, where I got my shop on at the school bookstore. I needed a new Mizzou Law tee since mine is filled with holes, and I’m happy to report I’m now the owner of a brand new one. I also picked up some swag for the kids since they both have talked about maybe going to Mizzou. It was great to be back there and remember all the things from such a fun and carefree time in my life.

We had so much to talk about and I feel like we talked non-stop all day. It was perfect and so very good for my soul.

I love you, lady!! Never forget it. ♥️

about last night

D was craving tamales, so we went out for Mexican. I decided to treat myself to a strawberry marg, which was delicious, but made my stomach hurt. Alcohol doesn’t sit well for me anymore, which is a real bummer considering how much I’ve always enjoyed it.

Things got a little emotional at dinner as we talked about some cancery stuff. We just feel so ripped off, and it’s hard not to be bitter. Still, we agree that we can still milk some good out of life, and that’s the plan. Live big!

PS: I was wearing a long black dress with the purple wig and glasses. D said I looked edgy, like the cool girl in college who wouldn’t talk to him. I just thought that was cute and worth noting. ♥️


I never know what day of the week it is anymore. I have no schedule. It will be easier to remember when the kids go back to school.

D and I went out for a bit of lunch and shopping.

We decided on a day date instead of a date night. We’re old and tired. Plus, he still has that covid fatigue.

I bought a few cutesy things while we were on Main Street down in the Saint Charles historic district. I may go to the big Saint Charles Co Library book fair this weekend too, if I can find the energy. I’m in a shopping mood.

D looks sad in the pic because he is sad. We’re both on the struggle bus right now. Living this reality is extremely fucking difficult. We feel robbed. We’re on borrowed time, and even though we know we need to make the most of it, it’s easy to get sucked into depression.

Still, we’re both grateful for this quiet weekend alone. I forgot that he’s traveling again next week, so I need to get in some quality time.


I was going to write a long, epic post about the trip, but I’m just too tired to go into details. What I will say is that the last two days have been incredible. Being with Annie fills my heart and soul with joy. She is an amazing person and friend. I’m thrilled we got to have this experience together. She ended up staying the night last night and we watched two movies: “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Beaches.” There was laughter and tears and it was perfect.