the view

from our room last night was pretty awesome.

After the show, we stopped at Pizza Bar for food and drinks. We finally headed back to the hotel, and some homeless guy was trying to get D’s attention so he yelled, “Hey hipster man!”

Lol forever. ❤️


We met The Joy Formidable last night before their show at recordbar in KC. We had VIP tickets so we got in early, met the band, got some swag, and got to watch an up close and personal acoustic set. Omg Ritzy is 😍😍😍.

The show itself was hit or miss. When it was good, it was fantastic, but there were some bad patches. Plus the bassist is kind of a bro, which was disappointing. We’ve seen them two other times and never got that impression, but it feels like something has changed.

It was still a great experience and we will definitely see them again if/when they tour again.

it made me smile

I was mistaken for a shop girl today.

I stopped for a quick shop at Banana Republic on the way to pick up my kid, and while there I was asked a merchandise question by another shopper. I explained that I didn’t work there, and she was surprised because I’m “so very fashionable.”

Awwww. Giggle. ❤️

Oh and I found some sweet stuff today. My fall wardrobe is essentially set between what I got today and what I ordered earlier this week from Modcloth and Unique Vintage.

I wish I wasn’t such a shopaholic, but we all have our issues. 😘