Thursday Things

It’s just…not fair. And that’s what I kept saying over and over as I fell asleep crying: it’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not fair…

I know all too well that life isn’t fair. I’m feeling better about things today. I accidentally drank too much. I’m a lightweight now, and need to be more careful.

But, even though I’m feeling better, I’m still sad about all of it. I need to let it roll off though, because we have shit going on today and I don’t have time to wallow.

Okay bye – it’s time for court.


Shameless (Grounds)

We went to an LS meet & greet tonight, for the first time in like 6 years, and it was fun, though there were no connections made. It felt good to be back in the scene though. It was also good for my self-esteem. I actually felt sexy.

(It helps that D and I had amazing sex last night, and I felt very sexy despite feeling old and chubby. I realized that I’m still a fucking snack – and not despite it, BUT BECAUSE OF IT).

D and I have decided to check out another location soon. We’re also going to hit up a strip club, because we’ve never gone together. I’m so happy that we’re back to mixing it up TOGETHER. ♥️

I don’t know how I’ve gotten so lucky.

Saturday Night Stuff

First of all, felt cute had to selfie:

I’m really digging the short hair. Oh and that lipstick? It’s a custom shade that I had made and I love it. It smells like roses, is in a polka dot case, and has my name on it!

Anyways…Then it was off to celebrate Nancy’s birthday. We all bought these Pub Passes, and ventured out to try new to us places. The pass entitled us to a free beer at each stop.

We randomly ran into two friends, Rob & Steph, at Wellspent, so they ended up joining us, which was fun. And my gorgeous gf and her man, the fabulous MVS, stopped by for a drink, as well.

It was a good night, but I was hungover before I even left for home, and I didn’t even drink that much. My old, cancery ass cannot party like I used to.