this is the dawning of the rest of our lives 

Family’s first concert! We saw Catfish & The Bottlemen and Green Day tonight. It was awesome! 

The two dudes next to us told me that we won the Best Parents Ever award and that I won the MILF award. Yessssssss. 

I feel pretty fucking good about the fact that we were home, and the kids were in bed, by 1140. Parenting skills, yo. (Frey had school today so she couldn’t hang for very long).

Memories (classic)

Whenever we go to Itap Chesterfield, we have to recount the following tale of early Dave and Jenn times: 

We were sitting at the bar, enjoying our third round of IPAs when we started arguing about D’s ex wife (details aren’t important). I got fed up, walked out, got in my car and drove away. Unfortunately, I turned the wrong way and got lost, as I am wont to do. I immediately started getting texts and calls from D, which I eventually answered, where he told me he was looking for me and to please tell him where I was. The problem is that I had no idea where I was. Eventually, he tracked me down, and we made out, and made up, and went back to my apartment and had epic make up sex. And now you know. 💜