about last night: a change of plans

Our original plan was to stay in, make a big Italian dinner, and watch movies. But what I love about kid-free, no plan weekends is how they can turn into anything we want; whatever strikes our fancy. 💙

We went on our planned run. I ran/walked almost three miles around the neighborhood. It was hard, because it had been a while, but it was good. Running always makes me feel better. And the weather!! 😍

After we got all cleaned up, D suggested we go to the West County Mall. He wanted to go to the Apple store to buy a new iPad. I was, of course, up for shopping. I hadn’t been to that mall in ages. I lived right by it for several years, in what feels like another life. It’s still just as crowded as ever, and is certainly in no danger of shutting down, like others in the area have.

D got his new iPad. I’ve gotta say: I hate the Apple store. It’s fucking chaos…always. I shouldn’t have to wait 30 minutes to spend $1500. Jesus fucking Christ. But the nice sales lady randomly told me I was beautiful, so that kind of made up for it. Later, D was like, “You are the only person I know who has strangers telling you how beautiful you are. She’s right though. You are beautiful.” ☺️☺️☺️

We then walked around the mall, and I bought two dresses. I was sad because this dress was not in my size, and it is such a jenn dress!!

But I went online and ordered it pretty much immediately. Haha. So it should be here soon. And I left with two other super cute dresses, which you’ll be seeing this week.

That’s tweed, btw. I LOVE tweed.

At this point, we were starving from the run, and didn’t want to have to go grocery shopping. So we decided to go out for dinner. D found a nearby Mexican spot that had excellent reviews, and so we headed over. I love Mexican, so I was fucking pumped.

I got a sparkling margarita while we waited on our table, and it was extra af. Totally amazing!!

The food was even better.

Blurry pic of delicious fajitas featuring steak, shrimp, scallops, and bacon. I cannot wait to have the leftovers for lunch! Oh and their tamales were fucking legit!! As were the chips and salsa. We will def be going back.

We went home and immediately started up some sexy times. A video was made. I kind of miss having a porn blog over on Tumblr where I could put that stuff. D and I tried to post a pic over there recently, and it got flagged immediately. Lol.

D (reluctantly) promised me we could watch Midsommar, and so we did.

This is artsy horror. D HATED it, which I fully expected. I didn’t hate it, but it was too long, and a bit tedious. It was a fucking trip: super weird, and quite disturbing overall.

Then we watched two episodes of TNG. Both of them kind of sucked. It was a Riker episode followed by a Beverly episode. The latter was particularly bad.

Then it was bed time. I had no problems falling asleep.

We turned the clocks back this morning. Yay for an extra hour of weekend!! It goes so fast.

Today we plan to do more of whatever the fuck strikes our fancy. Better get to it!!

about last night : out and about with C&J

The four of us have been talking about it forever, and finally made it happen: champagne and oyster night. We met them at Blood and Sand, which is this swanky little craft cocktail restaurant off Washington Ave.

I didn’t get any pics of our food, because I was living in the moment, and forgot. 💜

It was good though. Very good.

After dinner, we ended up in a cutesy little champagne bar over in Lafayette Square.

And eventually headed upstairs to Bailey’s Chocolate Bar, where I had somehow never been previously. It was incredible. Just the smell alone was worth the trip.

As always, the conversation was amazing. They just get us.

We’re already planning the next get-together.

about last night: the Alton adventure

Last night was kind of a shit show.

We drove to Alton, Illinois with a group of NIN obsessed friends to see the tribute band Somewhat Damaged. We had seen them before, and they put on a decent show, so we agreed. We also agreed to carpool. Big fucking mistake, bro.

The band was supposed to go on at nine. Then nine became ten. Eventually ten became eleven, but it was more like eleven-thirty before their set began. About halfway through the set, they experienced technical difficulties, which caused a twenty minute delay. We didn’t end up getting home until after two, and then had to deal with a hyper husky, so no sleep for us until after three. Then the husky woke me up at six-forty five. UGH.

Add to all of that the fact that I’m sick, and…yeah. Jenn was not a happy camper.

The venue was a total shithole; this place called Bottle and Barrel that was cash only. I mean, our first mistake was agreeing to go to Alton at all, because it, like all of Southern Illinois, sucks ass. The second mistake was agreeing to carpool. I will not be making that mistake again. I’ve been burned on that several times this year, and I’m over it. I want to leave when I want to leave. Towards the end of the set, D and I walked to the very front of the bar, like the farthest we could get from the stage, and played Uno. Lol. It was actually the highlight of the night. (Though I feel compelled to mention that we had dinner and drinks at Old Bakery Beer Company, which is the only halfway decent thing about Alton, and it was good despite having a very loud blues band performing, like so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think).

BUT…we unveiled the theme for our SAD party to our friends to test out their reactions, and they were so excited. So I guess I can officially share it here: D and I are going to be hosting an adult prom in January/February!! More on that later, but I’m pleased to say that we now have a five person prom planning committee. 🤣

Hosting parties is my jam, and I’m good at it. *pats self on back*

Oh back to last night: pics or it didn’t happen, right? I didn’t take many though.

You can see our friends up in the front, but our old asses hung back. I wasn’t giving up my chair. This is 40.

Not my pic below, but here is a pic of the girls. They decided to dress like The Crow. They asked me to join in. I declined. Like I told Dave: I’m 40 years old, and I cannot be walking around in public looking like a fucking reject clown.

I love them, but I just can’t. They look like Kiss rejects.

Also I’ve never seen The Crow, and have no desire to do so. Fight me.

The good news is that today is Sunday, and we have no plans other than to relax and eventually make chili.

Now I’m off to read.