double date recap

We had a really good time last night. It was a fun experience to be on a date with D, but not *with* D. There were a couple of moments that felt somewhat surreal, but ultimately I have wrapped my head around where we are, and am good/happy with things. This doesn’t mean I don’t have moments of anxiety or jealousy, of course. I’m only human. I mean, his gf is fucking insanely gorgeous, and I feel like a troll comparatively. LOL. But she’s also incredibly sweet, and I adore her.

But yeah – we had fun, and I think this will probably be a recurring thing. Oh and I got about an hour of time just me and my two guys, which was pretty amazing. I’m a lucky gal.

I must say though: I’m super excited to have D all to myself this weekend. We have no plans. We have no kids. It’s going to be awesome.


Memphis Day 1

We’re staying at The Peabody again, which is one of my favorite hotels. We arrived in time to see the ducks swim and march, but I didn’t get any pics since we were busy checking in.

After settling in, we hit up The Corner Bar for drinks.

My cat dress always gets me compliments from my fellow crazy cat ladies. I love hearing about other people’s cats. ♥️

We had a late dinner reservation at a restaurant called Flight. The concept is that everything on the menu is a three set flight. The food was absolutely sublime.

I had the cabernet flight:

We got the ocean flight as a starter: bbq shrimp, crab cake, and lobster ravioli.

And for my main course: boursin stuffed filet with potato puree, elk tenderloin with truffle mac, and bison ribeye with potatoes au gratin.


And finally: Memphis Belle pie for dessert.

There were dessert flights too, but I was too stuffed to get that much. I can’t pass up genuine southern pecan pie though. Mmm.

This meal alone was worth the four hour drive.

I’ve been super impressed by the mask wearing and social distancing happening down here. The only time things felt too crowded was in the lobby while we were waiting on an elevator, so we took the stairs instead. We’re only on the fourth floor, so we’ve decided to avoid the elevator altogether.

Alrighty – I’m off to enjoy day 2.