The Day 26 Agenda

9 – 11 am: phone consultations.

Noon: pizza lunch.

12:30 to 5:30 pm: I’m taking the afternoon off so it will be a combination of exercise, reading, cleaning, and maybe watching something. Or maybe a nap. The world house is my oyster!

5:30 pm: happy hour!

The evening hours: All I know for sure is that we are planning on doing another GoT card game night. We may pick up food and a growler from Petrichor. We are so low on alcohol – there is no good beer in the house. All the good wine is gone. (Yesterday I had to drink white wine…blech!) We used the last of the good red wine pretending that we were in GoT (don’t ask lol). We have hard liquor, but that’s about it. We are beer people so we need to fix this situation. We have a grocery trip planned for Friday. (Random tangent: We are planning an in-home beer festival for next weekend. We are going to acquire like six different beers from our favorite breweries and walk from room to room with sampler glasses. I’m even going to make us labels for the glasses! Hey – this is life now, people. Welcome to 2020!)

We will also likely be watching some BSG. Season 1 of that show is just so fucking good. Btw I’m Team Starbuck. I think she is crazy sexy. D hates her though, so we have fun arguing about it.

Oh right: we started watching season 4 of GoT due to playing the game – so we will likely watch at least one of those as well.

And we will do our nightly walk around the neighborhood with Bizzy. It’s only safe to walk around here at night. During the day, the streets are quite busy.

I definitely won’t be winning the steps competition – but I have to work all day, and I’m only willing to devote so much time to trying to win. I like my downtime too much! My only goal is to not come in last. Haha.


I got to go to court this morning (in person) and it was good to get out of the house, but weird. Also a bit eerie to see how empty the streets were, as well as the courthouse, though thank goodness, because my exposure risk was quite low.

Empty courtroom when I arrived:

Eventually three other attorneys showed, including my girl Angela:

We all sat very far apart. It was good to see them though.

And here is what I looked like before I came home and changed into a tee and sweat pants:

I’m not used to waking up at six am anymore. I’m fucking tired, yo. Still gotta get in a run tonight too. Ugh.

I have to wear my glasses a lot in the spring, because my allergies make it feel like I have little pieces of glass in my eyes. I haven’t found anything that helps.

I had to get a mouse pad for the home office, and I think this is perfect for me:

That about sums it up.

a bunch of nothing

There isn’t much to report.

This is Day 23 for us.

It’s nice outside, so we’re going to hang out on the deck and grill some burgers.

We’re going to try not to drink. We’ve been naughty.

I ran a few miles this morning, but plan to walk a few more tonight. Might as well take advantage of the good weather. Also – I feel the chub coming on, so I need to get ahead of that.

We cleaned for a bit yesterday. It was good to have a project.

I need to dye my hair (I have a box of dye), but it’s a whole fucking ordeal, and I’m not sure I’m feeling it right now.

Today, for the first time in years, I didn’t dry my hair after I washed it. It’s…interesting. Very wavy.

It’s a little after six pm, and I’m sick of working, so I’m going to go read for a bit.