Fit by 40 recap: week 1

Progress report time! My intent is to log all my activity weekly until my 40th birthday, to keep myself motivated.

My tracking started on Sunday.

This week:

  • PiYo x 1
  • Country Heat x 2
  • 14 miles of walking/jogging.

Not too shabby.

My diet has been on point all week. I’ve had Shakeology every morning. Oh and I’ve been on top of my meds, including my vitamins. Weigh in is on Wednesday.

I haven’t had any alcohol so far, but that’s likely to change tonight, because it’s date night. It’s all good though. Gotta find the balance.

As of Thursday, I’ll be done with my prednisone, and I’m scared about how my body will react. The plan is, however, to keep calories low during flares, and just go balls to the wall on activity whenever my body allows for it.

I wish I could feel like this all the time.

I’m walking around completely normally. No pain. No swelling. I feel like I could take over the fucking world. It’s all because of the steroids, which I can’t take long term. I hope my doc has a plan next month because I need some permanent relief. Right now, feeling like this, I realize just how awful I usually feel…and I’ve just gotten to the point where I think that’s normal. And that’s fucked up and unacceptable.