wednesday woes

I’m not feeling super well today. My arthritis and fibro are flaring. I’d like to stay in bed all day, but I have a root canal procedure (ugh) in an hour.

I was up a pound on the scale today, and I know it’s from inflammation. I can feel it AND see it. My left knee is huge.

I’m going to be gentle with myself today. That’s all I can do.

rheumatology update

I spend way too much time at Barnes West Co Hospital.

My knees are all swollen, but we can’t switch up the meds, so I got cortisone shots in both knees. Damn those are a bitch, but they have worked well in the past, so it’s worth the pain.

I’ve been told I can’t run again until Saturday, which sucks because I’m past my NOPE weight according to the doctor’s scale. Ugh. So I guess I’ll just work what I can control: portion sizes, what I eat and drink, water intake, and tracking. That’s all more effective anyway.


Two thumbs way the fuck up

My new meds will be delivered on Tuesday! Woot!! Finally.

I had to have a chat with the specialty pharmacist and it was sort of odd. My takeaway is that I should try to not get sick (lol ok duh), and also avoid grapefruit juice. Apparently, he’s going to call me once a month. Sigh. These fucking biologicals are no joke.

He was like: on a scale from 0 to 10, 0 being not at all and 10 being perfect, how well do you feel your condition is being managed?

Me: Two.

Him: So you’re saying there’s room for improvement? Haha.

This guy has jokes. Great. 🙄

Still though…this is excellent news.