Quarantine Day 12

I did a quick run/walk this morning. We plan to do another long dog walk later. We did almost three miles last night. And I did 5k on Tuesday. Gotta burn off all the beer I’ve been drinking. Lol.

And I’m wearing another cat dress:

I had an appointment with the GI doc on Zoom. You’ve gotta love technology.

I have a bunch of phone consultations this afternoon- starting at 11:30.

Today is pizza lunch Thursday. That’s a thing we’ve been doing.

Tonight the plan is to cook and watch the Dave Matthews livestream.

So far I’ve also gotten Jackson through his homeschooling for the day, and have him doing his chores now.

Not too shabby.

This is fine.

  • Not feeling great today. The side effects are creeping in.
  • This fatigue is a bitch.
  • The kids are back after a weekend with the other parents. Freya has been very chatty and seems happy to be home. Jackson has been holed up in his room all damn day. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • I got very little done today, but I’m trying not to beat myself up. With everything going on, I feel like I’m doing quite well all things considered.
  • Tomorrow is another chance to get it right. Whatever that even means anymore.
  • I’m definitely gaining weight. Ugh.
  • It’s cold again, and I hate it. I want to be able to hang outside on the deck, and maybe grill.
  • The more I read the news, the more freaked out I get. I never want to leave the house again at this point.
  • I got a message that Jackson’s school is now closed until the 23rd, but I imagine it will be even longer. In fact, I’m not expecting him to go back this school year.
  • I have to set up a computer for him to work on. E-school starts on Wednesday.
  • I’m in the bathtub right now, and it is glorious. This giant tub might be my favorite thing. I haven’t been able to take a bath for several weeks. First because of the biopsy, and then because of the rads markers. Showers just aren’t the same.
  • We have been doing a fantastic job of maximizing our food, but another trip to the store is needed soon, and that freaks me out. D will go without me, but I’m still worried.
  • I’m worried about everything right now, like so much so that my heart is always racing, and I can’t sleep.
  • I’m also angry. Our government is a fucking disaster.
  • I just remembered I forgot to take my Ibrance at dinner time. Gotta go do it now.