i’m fucking done with this bullshit

This is the first time that I’m ever truly about to lose my shit over this entire pandemic situation. I don’t mind staying at home, but it is not a good way to hold court hearings. These people are all too fucking stupid to know how to use the phone. I had a hearing scheduled at 1:30. I called in at 1:20 to be told that they were still on the 10:30 docket. There was a docket scheduled for noon as well – and that didn’t start until around 2:30. It is now almost 1:30 – and my case probably won’t be heard until around 5 (maybe) because I am closer to the end of the 1:30 docket. Meanwhile, people keep interrupting the hearings – taking their phones off mute and complaining or asking stupid questions. Or some people just don’t mute their phones at all, and you can hear them carrying on in the background, which delays the hearings. It’s just such a fucking shit show, and I am about to fucking lose it.

Add into the mix that the kids are here asking for shit, and interrupting us while we try to work. Freya’s teacher needed to talk to her, but Freya’s phone is dead, so I had to walk away from my work to interrupt Dave’s video conference to try to get his phone so Freya could use that instead (since I’m still on this stupid fucking court call). I’m just extremely fucking frustrated, and I need a god damned drink.

Oh and add into it all that I am exhausted from Round 2 of Ibrance (today is the last day of this cycle and the third week on is ROUGH) – and also feeling shitty from getting onto Lexapro. I want to punch someone right now.

The Effingham, IL stop

or as my husband calls it, Fuckingham, aka home of a ridiculously large, ugly cross, which is a hideous eyesore, and also this…

I fucking cannot.

And, of course, there is no book called “When Jesus Speaks to a Man’s Heart,” because obviously men are inherently better than women, and clearly don’t need advice from Jesus.

Eat my entire ass, Effingham. 🖕🏻

classic old white dude bullshit

Today was not the day, dude.

This old guy, who was sitting outside on a front patio having lunch at the restaurant I was just at, decided to sit at the table closest to the door, and then placed his chair in the way of the door – the only entrance/exit to this place. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then had to nerve to be visibly annoyed anytime anyone needed to use the door. I heard one lady apologize to him! Oh hell no. So then it’s my turn to leave, and he grunts in annoyance as he moves his chair, so I say, “I have an easy solution for you: try sitting in one of the fifteen fucking empty spots out here that don’t block the goddamned door!” He was stunned speechless, and it was fucking beautiful.

Eat a dick, fuck face.

it’s just that kind of fucking day

Bread Co delivered my salad without the fucking dressing. So that’s great. Everyone is so fucking incompetent anymore. I’m not even surprised.

At least they didn’t forget the caffeine.

I am so fucking ragey today. I saw some work shit earlier that pushed me over the edge.

Exact quote to D via text, “When is it my turn to be a fucking piece of shit?”

I’m gonna lose my fucking mind, istg.