much ado about nothing

This week is weird and I kind of don’t like it.


D is gone, which sucks. I missed him the second we pulled away from the airport. My other half is missing. I need to get used to this though.  He’s going to be traveling way more frequently in his new position.

Earlier, he messaged me a pic of a slide from his presentation. He knows I love stuff like that. His intelligence is a real turn on for me. Like, I literally become aroused when I see the stuff he’s working on and/or when I hear him discussing work related things.

All three of the other parents are going on work travel at some point this week, so I’m doing quite a bit of solo parenting. This isn’t a big deal really, because I love spending time with the kids, but it’s a lot of work doing everything on my own. Drop offs, pick ups, grocery shopping, supply shopping (Freya needs a white tee for day camp tomorrow for tie dye, for example), lunches, dinners, laundry, baths/showers, quality time…the list goes on and on. Being a mom is fucking exhausting. I do love my little chickens, though.

They make it easy on me though. They are so well behaved, and they get along so well. They’re the best. I’m lucky.

Last night, it was just me and Frey. We made a night of it. We had stuffed crust pepperoni pizza with flaming hot cheetos. Then we had sundaes and popcorn while we binge watched Girl Meets World. We got through 7 episodes. I promised her we would watch more tonight.

That was my cheat night. Now it’s back to clean eating, no booze, limited Diet Pepsi, and hardcore exercise. 3 months until go time, bitches.

My head really fucking hurts. I think it’s a combination of allergies and being at my limit for dealing with dumb ass people.

We were able to watch GoT concurrently last night (once D got to his hotel room) and I liked it a lot. D thought it was a bit boring, but they have a lot to set up for the new season. I want to say more, but spoilers. I’ll keep my mouth shut for now.


Today is Day 1 of the BB challenge. I had my Shakeology before I left the house this morning. Freya was laughing at me because of the face I was making. Shit is kinda nasty, but fuck it’s good for you. I added a banana, which helped the flavor. For lunch, I had a tasty, but very healthy salad, which was full of protein and veggies. (BTW I love how the calories for everything is listed at Bread Co!) Not sure what I’m doing for dinner yet. Maybe a taco salad. I promised the kids tacos tonight.

After dinner, I’m supposed to do my first Shift Shop workout, but part of me is considering doing 21 Day Fix (and supplementing with walk/runs) because SS isn’t really appealing to me. Ultimately, I joined the challenge for encouragement and accountability, so I don’t really think it matters if I do a different workout.

I’m planning on making an appointment with a dermatologist. I need help with my old ass skin. I want Tri Luma and a chemical peel.


My birthday is on Saturday. I have feelings about this. Some good, some bad. None worth getting into right now.

Reminder: make reservation!

As of Thursday evening, I’m on an extended staycation. Oh and D will be back on Thursday evening. He’s taking off on Friday so we can do birthday stuff.


You know what I’m also strangely excited about? Three weekends of adult D&D in a row!

AND…I got an email about a Warehouse pre-sale for the next Dave & Tim Riviera Maya show in January and I really, really want to go. Five days at an all-inclusive resort plus three nights of Dave & Tim shows on the beach. Um…where do I sign up? It’s pricey though. Still…looking into it. I can’t take this money with me when I die, after all. It happens to fall on a non-custody weekend too, which makes it all the more tempting.

As my friends Ann & Rob would say: MAKE STORIES!





welcome to the neighborhood 

Last night, I was rocking out to Some Heads Are Gonna Roll by Judas Priest in the convertible as I passed my neighbor and her young daughter walking their dog. They looked confused and slightly frightened, and I loved it. Ha. 

D teased me for listening to Ozzy’s Boneyard on SiriusXM but it gives me life sometimes. ❤️

Let’s get it

This morning we were having sex in the bathroom so I was watching in the mirror and I had good thoughts about my body. Yay. 

Today is going to be crazy. I’m slightly nervous. 

D was singing Short Skirt/Long Jacket to me before I left the house. Whenever I hear that song, I always think: why would anyone change their name from Kitty to Karen though? 

miscellaneous musings 

I spent the day in wet jean shorts (thanks, Thunder River) and so now I’m in a hot bubble bath. Delightful.

I won $25 in a Lularoe party so I picked up a couple of Azures. 

Cackle Spackle is my jam. 

Step-momming win: telling your tween step-daughter she needs to wear her deodorant every single day in a way that goes over well (no hurt feelings). Phew! 

I’m not sure what I want to do for my birthday next month. I found out one of my friends is hosting her birthday party on my actual birthday and I’m slightly annoyed. 

But on the other hand, I’m going to be 38 and she’s going to be fucking 31, so I mean…whatever I guess. I’ll survive obvs.

Awesome news today on the medical front. My doc prescribed my new arthritis med. I’m so relieved. Of course, now the insurance company is bitching, but hopefully we can get that cleared up asap.

Last episode of BCS tonight. Sad face. 

I got my kid to ride a few new rides today, but it was a struggle. He’s so much like his dad sometimes and it can make me crazy. 


truthful tuesday: a list post

  • I like Amy Schumer and idgaf.
  • I hate my current haircut. I think my stylist did a shitty job.
  • And I think I’m being too much of a scared little bitch to do what I really want with my hair because I’m worried I need to look a certain way on my wedding day. (I want to chop it all off like right now and go back to my short, jet black, pixie hair).
  • I bought my mom a Mother’s Day card for the first time in years. Now I just need to mail it off.
  • I’ll feel lucky if my ex even remembers to have Jackson give me/make me a card for Mother’s Day.
  • It feels sort of weird to be in a position where I’m helping my step-daughter pick out and buy presents for her mom for Mother’s Day. And even weirder that I’m strangely excited about helping out with it.
  • That said, I think Mother’s Day is a stupid holiday that makes a lot of people feel bad needlessly. Not all of us have good relationships with our mothers. Not all of us have living mothers. That’s important to remember.
  • For example, I offered to buy D a card to send to his mom and he declined. Given what I know about the situation, I can’t blame him, but I know he will feel a little shitty about things on Sunday and that makes me sad for him.
  • This weekend is my bestie’s birthday. We are going out tonight for dinner. I have yet to buy her any gifts. I’m probably going to get her a fat gift card to Ulta and call it a day.
  • Her birthday always reminds me of getting separated, because it was on her birthday five years ago that the ex and I broke up. It also happened to be Mother’s Day. Double fucking whammy, right?
  • It was at her birthday party five years ago (the night before her actual b-day), that I took a good look at him and decided enough was enough. I simply couldn’t do it anymore.
  • It’s scary how much you can love somebody until you simply don’t anymore.
  • It’s also scary how much you can think you love somebody, until you find somebody else you love more, and then you feel confused about what your feelings really were. It’s a bit of a mind fuck.
  • All those little hurts add up, people. Don’t forget that.
  • This post is sort of dark, but I promise I’m actually in a pretty good mood.
  • Despite the fact that I’m probably going to get yelled at by the judge tomorrow morning.
  • Send booze, cake, and Xanax.

monday meanderings

  • There is snow on the ground. It’s rainy too. A very blah sort of day.
  • Obligatory DST/Spring forward sucks balls comment right here.
  • I’m wearing fleece leggings right now, and I must admit they may be better than LLR. They are warm, soft, and super cozy. Also the length on this particular brand is excellent.
  • I have a pile of work on my desk and zero motivation to address it.
  • D and I started seriously researching honeymoon options last night. Right now St. Lucia is high on our list. It looks incredible.
  • Today is weigh in day. I haven’t been following WW very closely, but I do feel like I’ve been making better choices overall. I figured I’d see a gain this week, but nope: .6 lb loss. I’ll take it!
  • The plan is to start counting points again today. We went to the gym yesterday, where I managed an hour of cardio. I plan to exercise again tonight.
  • This post is boring. Bye.


  • I don’t feel well.
  • My head hurts. Enough that it gets it’s own bullet. Even after Fioricet.
  • I don’t like thin mints. In fact, I don’t really like Girl Scout cookies at all, though I admittedly have high hopes for the smores cookies. 
  • I don’t care if Lularoe is a pyramid scheme. Their shit is cute (though admittedly overpriced). I enjoy that not every random person is wearing the same prints as me.
  • I’m a snob.
  • Sweet and spicy BBQ popcorn for the win.
  • PTSDee was hilarious.
  • Chemo ruined my toe nail beds.
  • Is it date night yet? 
  • Difficult Women is really good so far. About halfway through. 
  • I have to wake up crazy early again tomorrow morning for court and I’m DREADING it. 
  • I think I’m going to venture out in a bit and purchase a crochet kit.