Oooh I really liked this one. I technically started it days ago, but I had only read one chapter, so I restarted it this morning and finished it same day. It’s a murder mystery. You know that from page one. I read a lot of this genre, and this one was quite clever, interesting, and a real page turner. The story unfolds over multiple character perspectives, but they are well developed characters. For the most part anyway.

It’s a 4.5 in my opinion, but I rounded up. Highly recommended. I’ve read one other novel by this author that I also enjoyed, so I’m about to dig into her other work.


I need to make space on this bookshelf for new books.

I’ve been doing Book of the Month Club for over two years now, so I have a lot of excellent hardcover novels that need to be moved up here; the bookshelves in my bedroom are overflowing.

There’s really only one row of must keep books; the second to the bottom. Here’s a close up of my favorites; the books that I read again and again over the years:

There are a few others, like One Hundred Years of Solitude and The Red Tent, that aren’t pictured because I keep them downstairs.

Now this entire shelf can go, as I haven’t read any of these in years, and will never feel the need to revisit them:

If any local friends are interested, I’d be happy to share. Books are love. ❤️


I adore Michelle Obama. She’s an inspiration to me, and I very much look up to her. This book was remarkably candid. I wasn’t expecting her to be so honest about her feelings or to share so much of herself. It was refreshing and touching; I cried several times. If you’re a fan of hers, you should def pick this up.

Funny story: I was reading this on Friday afternoon when my Kindle battery suddenly died. I looked at my husband and cried, “My Kindle died and Michelle and Barack just kissed for the first time. God dammit!!” But it’s not like I don’t know how the story ends. 😉

(I made a goal to read more non-fiction this year. I’m going for one per month, but this is actually my second, and I just bought my third).


I think I would have been more impressed by this if I didn’t read so many of these twisty psychological thrillers. It is impressive as a debut novel though, and it certainly kept me interested, but I wasn’t super shocked by the big reveal. It just didn’t live up to the hype for me, which was disappointing because I’d been looking forward to this one.