Don’t Fuck With My Reading

I don’t do well with reading with others. It’s why I can’t do book clubs. I signed my bestie up for six months of book of the month club as part of her Christmas present. I finished the book we both picked in a day. It will take her at least a couple of weeks. This is fine, but for the fact she wants me to wait on her to read the next selection, and that’s kind of asking a lot. I’ve been highly anticipating reading this one for a while now (The Writing Retreat by Julia Bartz). She’s about to learn that bestie don’t play that. Lol. I’m very serious about my reading. And I’m def a mood reader. So if I’m feeling something then I go with it. Otherwise, I find myself in a reading slump.

In other reading news, I finished Mothered by Zoje Stage last night, and it was really good. Even though I knew early on how it would play out, I still loved the journey. I was able to get it for free through Amazon First Reads. I don’t know if it’s still available, but if it is then I def recommend picking it up.

Also – for the first time ever – my team is in first place in Reading Rivalry. Woot!! I hate the theme this month (super hero shit), but I’m still participating; just not getting as many bonus points as I’d like.

November Reads

I didn’t get much reading done last month. I was too sickly for most of November to really concentrate enough to read. I’m hoping to pull myself out of this slump. These three books were great though, so def check them out.

Mission Accomplished

I completed all the criteria and bonuses for my Reading Rivalry team this month. Tomorrow is the last day. We are so close to the #1 spot. I’m going to try to get one more book in before midnight to snag a few more points. The good news is that partial pages count so anything will help. Go team go!

P.S.: MVS called me a competitive reader last week and I totally loved it. Book nerd for life!

From Below

I’m currently reading a horror novel about a group of deep sea divers making a documentary about exploring a long-lost ship wreck where the ship disappeared under mysterious circumstances. I’m already totally creeped out just reading about them diving 300 feet below the surface. While I love the ocean, I’m extremely frightened of drowning, and the idea of being that far down totally freaks me the fuck out. I can tell this is going to be a good one! LOL