One less thing to worry about…

Met with a florist today about wedding flowers. It went really well, and I feel relieved to be able to check one more thing off the wedding to-do list. We’re going with garden roses in various shades of pink and omg it’s going to be gorgeous! I got a little teary eyed just looking at the pics of all the beautiful flowers! But this is nothing new. This wedding makes me cry happy tears all the time. For example, every time Lithium plays Crash Into Me, I get all teary because that’s going to be our wedding song. D picked it himself, which makes it even better. I heard it on the way home today:

Omg this guy…😍

After we put Freya to bed, D and I went outside and admired our house for like 25 minutes.  Anyway…We were talking about the map we hung in the dining room this afternoon, and he said he was surprised I had chosen it. To which I replied: I told you that I saw it and I just knew. He replied, “That’s how I felt the first time I saw you.” ❤️

Menu tasting day.

This was so much fun and the food was really tasty. We also got our wedding timeline nailed down with our event planner. My favorite part was when D picked the premium bar package, crossed out almost all the beer, and special ordered 4Hands Divided Sky and Civil Life Brown. That’s my man! Such a beer snob.

Not listed: assorted veggies, Boursin stuffed peppers, and an epic cheese platter. Noms. 
He was trying to look contemplative. Ha! 

Things discussed today that I need to handle: 

  • Ceremony format 
  • Speeches
  • Card box
  • Signature book/keepsake item

That one time…

back when we were a big secret, and we made up a fake holiday called “Hug an Engineer Day.” I drove to D’s work to give him a hug in the parking lot, which turned into a fuck in his office. That’s in the list of one of my all time favorite fucks. 

Another fave? The time we fucked in the heated pool at his apartment complex and D was afraid he’d get kicked out, which only made it that much hotter.