Wednesday 5:45 am

I’m so unbelievably thankful for my husband. I don’t know how I would do this without him. He is alway by my side, never complaining, ready to do whatever I need. Caregivers have a horribly difficult job, and they deserve so much more than they get.

Y’all see the good side. The put together version of Jenn that I allow the world to see. You don’t see the crying, the short temper, the gagging and the puking and the shitting. You don’t hear the moaning. You don’t have to wake up with me in the middle of the night to medicate me because I’m confused and I’m pain. You don’t have to sleep next to the lady who only showers about once per week, and who never wants to have sex because sex causes way too much pain.

David, my sweet babe, thank you so much for everything. For all the times – good and bad. For all the laughs and all the heartbreak. We took what should have been a stupid little fling and turned it into a beautiful life: a family, a home, a community. Thank you for ten of the absolute best years of my life. I hope you will always remember me how I was on my 35th birthday on the beach – or on my 40th stumbling down Duval Street. Remember our kiss on Taylor Ave and the quiet yet passionate romance that followed in our wake, whatever we did. Remember Alabama with the kids, and the bears at the Smokey Mountains. Remember the ridiculous steamy night in Savannah while we hunted for ghosts. So many parties – include our fucking raver in 2015, which is still considered by many to be a fucking legend. That’s the Jenn I want you to remember. The Jenn that Rob had to carry out of the mosh pit after she threw a drink in that dude’s face. Remember her beauty, grace, intelligence, and how formidable she’d get after a couple drinks. Always down to lawyer/argue. Always down to fuck. And always so madly head over heels in love with you.

The Bridge

There’s that iconic scene in the last episode of SATC where Big tells Carrie she’s the one while standing on that bridge in Paris. That scene always reminds me of my own romantic bridge moment with D. We were drunkenly stumbling back to my apartment in the city when we stopped for a little make out session on the overpass/bridge over the interstate. I remember there was a lot of traffic for some reason, so we def had an audience, but we didn’t care (as we often didn’t back in the day). I remember kissing and laughing and feeling invincible. It stands out as a beautiful, happy moment that I will never forget, and I hope he never does either. ♥️

Me And You Were Meant To Be In Love 🎶🎵♥️

Today (well yesterday now: April 12th) is our ten year anniversary. I can hardly believe it. Here’s hoping for ten more.

Headed to The Loop for our date night:

We went to Blueberry Hill for dinner, because it has a special place in our history. We met there very early on to discuss what the hell we were going to do. Because we were married…to other people. Like absolute dorks, we met for lunch and actually discussed the pros and cons. We decided to not see each other. That lasted for exactly two days.

Then we went to Delmar Hall to see Wolf Alice. It was a great show, though I’m bummed that they didn’t play “Silk.”

After the show, we hit up Itap and drank and talked, laughed and cried. It was exactly what we needed.

I’m so lucky that you are my best friend. There’s no one quite like you. ♥️

The big 4 ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Today is our wedding anniversary; four years (out of the almost ten we’ve been together) married. Burning down my entire life to be with you is still the best decision I’ve ever made. This new life we built together has surpassed even my wildest dreams.

I don’t know how much time we have left, but I do know that no matter how long we have, it would never feel like enough. I also know that, while our relationship has grown and changed over the years, we have always grown together. Thank you for inspiring me to be the best I can be.

Thank you for choosing me, and loving me, every single day, no matter how tough it gets.

Love always,

your Jenn ♥️