6 years!

D and I first met six years ago. There are things about that night I’ll never forget, and that are particularly funny in hindsight. The funniest of all is that I left thinking he didn’t like me. Then just a couple of days later, on NYE, we started texting and just never really stopped. Now we’re married. Life’s unexpected in that way.

Happy meetaversary, babe. I love you. No regrets. ❤️

I thought it was cute…

File under: stuff I want to remember about my honeymoon. 

In the airplane, before departure, D made up and sang the cutest little song about how flying first class to your honeymoon is awesome. He may look serious in a lot of the pics we take, but when it’s just us he’s super silly and fun. I just adore him. 

Last night, in our private pool, he was carrying me around and said, “I was just trying to impress you with my knowledge of Metric, and now we’re married.” 💜💜