Why yes, I think I will!

These were $2.50 a piece at Target and I had to have them because BIRDS!

I’m obsessed with bird prints. These are plastic, and will be lovely for eating meals out on the deck this summer.

Freya was like: that’s so you! You must get them!!


There was a nicer wooden bowl for $20 that I didn’t get, and already regret it. May have to remedy that.

new recipe challenge: Week 1

I’m going to attempt a recipe a week from the Nordstrom cookbook during the month of March.

Tonight we made:

The dinner pics –

It was all fantastic! I’m excited to have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Other recipes I tried for the first time tonight (but aren’t from the cookbook):

Roasted parmesan green beans

Garlicky dipping oil with a fresh baguette

So we actually tried three new recipes tonight. All are keepers.