On the road to Hermann

We stopped at three wineries on the way: Montelle, Mount Pleasant, and Röbller.

Röbller was very remote, and incredibly beautiful. It was the only place I hadn’t been previously, and was my favorite by far. We ended up chatting with the owner, an elderly man who lives on the grounds. He recently lost his wife of 62 years and he told us all kinds of stories about her. He ended up inviting us to his 200 yo home to look around and to view her many amazing quilts. It was an unexpectedly lovely experience. That said, it was also sad. He is obviously so lonely and heartbroken, which triggered D pretty badly. It was hard to bounce back to the previously carefree vibe of the day.

It’s early Saturday now. Around 430 am. We are staying at this gorgeous inn. It’s comfortable, but I’m having a hard time sleeping. So here are some pics:

Also, that whirlpool tub is a fucking delight. I stayed in there for an hour with the fireplace going.

I’m going to try to get some more sleep. Today will be another long day of drinking, though I’m also planning on hitting up some of the antique shops. 🥰

The Little Rock Adventure (so far)

We ended up having to stay in Jonesboro last night, because I took the car on a little off road adventure, and popped our tire. Oopsie! Hey – at least I keep life exciting.

Anyway – I got the tire fixed this morning, and we spent the afternoon exploring the River Market District here in Little Rock. Now we’re resting up before heading back out tonight. I just can’t party like I used to – lol.