The Little Rock Adventure (so far)

We ended up having to stay in Jonesboro last night, because I took the car on a little off road adventure, and popped our tire. Oopsie! Hey – at least I keep life exciting.

Anyway – I got the tire fixed this morning, and we spent the afternoon exploring the River Market District here in Little Rock. Now we’re resting up before heading back out tonight. I just can’t party like I used to – lol.

heading home

Our little Bloomington adventure went much better than we were expecting. I’m thinking we’re all getting used to the new dynamic, and feeling more comfortable. There was no awkwardness. We actually just had fun.

After dinner we opened presents, and then the adults watched Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which D and I had never seen. It was fucking crazy, but we liked it.

We went to bed around 1:30 but stayed up talking until around 2:30. Then I was up at 7. I’m going to need a nap later.