Back at it!

I promised my bestie that I’d restart Weight Watchers today, and so I did. I weighed myself and logged it. I had a banana for breakfast (0 points). In about an hour, I’m headed to the gym for another run.

I’m feeling good about running right now. The July 4th 5k has jump started a desire to run again. That race was so hard due to the heat, and yet I did fairly well, which has inspired me to keep pushing myself. Yesterday afternoon, at the gym, I ran 5k without stopping, which I haven’t done in years. I felt triumphant afterwards, and I want to hold onto that feeling.

Last night, D and I decided that we would sign up for the Flat Five, which is the first weekend in August. We did it a few years ago. I’m sure I’ll have to walk a chunk of it, but so what. I’ll probably do better than I think. I get competitive once I’m out there with all the other runners.

We’re also talking about doing the Go STL Halloween race this year. Who knows…maybe we’ll do the half-marathon next April.

I’m ready for this change. I missed running as a hobby. Now that my arthritis is more manageable, maybe I can pull this off.

It’s gonna be ugly

I’m signed up to run a 5k on July 4th, and I’ve done very little to get prepared for it. I know 5k isn’t much, but I’m a hot mess physically right now, so this is going to be a shit show. Anyhoo…I’ll be going out for a run tonight in an attempt to start training. Send thoughts and prayers, and maybe some tequila shots.

shit just got real

We’re now signed up for two races.

The first is a 2 miler before Microfest (a local beer festival). That shouldn’t be too bad.

The second is a 5k for me/10k for D on the morning of July 4th.

This will be good for my motivation.

We ran tonight and I killed the first mile, like ran it a full minute faster than usual. It was a rage run…lol. I walked most of the second mile, and spent a lot of it gazing at the gorgeous night sky. The moon looks amazing tonight.

2.5 miles total. Another run scheduled for tomorrow night, but I think on Wednesday I’m going to do 30 Day Shred instead.

So far my joints are hanging in. I’m slightly swollen in my knees both nothing I can’t manage.

Check out ya girl…

Fucking killed it today.

I ran alone: just me and my headphones, and it was glorious. Tonight’s soundtrack was the Toadies.

Then, after dinner, the family walked the dog. The first lap with kids, and the second without. D and I like doing the second lap just us so we can chat.