Week 2 is in the bag!

I made my running goal for the week.


Today I found an old running playlist, and decided to give it a listen:


Not pictured: the Country Heat workouts I’ve been doing at least once per week.

I’m enjoying this fitness regimen, and I’m really hoping my health doesn’t fuck it up. I feel good. I feel strong.

This was a total shit show


Resulted in this:

I ran in two to three min bursts, but my heart rate was getting really high, and I felt like I might pass out, so then I’d walk for a few minutes. I feel like I’ve lost so much progress.


I hate summer.

I miss my treadmill.

You know what though? I’m going to do it again on Monday. Much earlier or much later though. Gotta beat the heat.

Well fuck…

My treadmill died today. When I went downstairs to do a quick run during lunch, it started making these crazy noises when I turned it on and began vibrating. Not good. It’s about five years old, was really cheap, and has been heavily used, so it isn’t surprising, but I’m bummed because now I can’t run unless I want to go outside. I hate running outside in the summer. BOOOOO.

I do have a super nice treadmill at the office that nobody uses. It’s mine, so I can bring it home, but that’s going to be an ordeal. It’s huge.

I’m not about to start going to the gym – not with all this Covid shit going on.

Fuck fuckity fuck.

I guess for the foreseeable future, I’m going to become an outdoor morning runner.

Motherfucking boo to that. lol.

non-scale victory

I did the run, and even though it was the same run I fucking killed on Monday, this time was rough. I wanted to stop so badly, but I didn’t. I didn’t even slow down.

I’m proud of myself.

Friday’s run adds five minutes of running time. No more walk breaks either. Shit is getting real. 😆