saturday morning rambling

Today is off to a good start.

I didn’t sleep much, of course, but I woke up feeling pretty good. Especially considering how much wine I drank last night. And bourbon. I drank a bit of bourbon. Still not a fan. 

The wedding was so much fun! And so very beautiful. The Peabody is such a gorgeous venue. We ate, drank, danced, and laughed. Dave and I have discovered we love dancing with each other. It’s probably my fault we didn’t discover this before. I wasn’t really into dancing until recently. I’m a terrible dancer. I just don’t give a fuck anymore. (We are still planning to take those swing dancing lessons, but we want to wait until we are living together.)

We talked about our own wedding and what we will do differently. Though I do think last night may have swayed Dave a bit on his no big wedding viewpoint. I think he had way more fun than he was expecting. Plus, now he has a bromance going with one of my colleagues. Bourbon and cigars brought them together.  Yay for new couple friends.

I woke up this morning to two hungry kids, and so I made them blueberry pancakes. I used to hate domestic stuff like that, but now I really enjoy it. It’s funny how things change. We also made some progress with Freya and Violet (my cat). Violet is an asshole until she really gets to know you. Today she actually let Freya pet her. Freya was so excited and it was adorable. Then Violet ruined it by hissing. *sigh* Still…progress. Freya told me her new kitten has been biting and scratching her, so now she is less scared of Violet. (It used to be a real issue for her that Violet still has her claws. I don’t believe in de-clawing cats so we had to have an awkward conversation about that. Apparently, her cats at home are de-clawed.)

Thanks for all of the compliments last night. You guys are the best! Dave’s reaction was awesome. He saw me and he just said, “WOW!” and stared for a while. He told me like fifty times last night how beautiful and/or hot I was. *heart eyes*

We have a busy day ahead of us, but I’m feeling bloggy so more later.