what i’m wearing today

Today I’m wearing pair 1 (of 2) of my Valentine’s leggings.


I bought these last year, not knowing they were part of the Valentine’s line. I just love heart prints on almost anything. Same with polka dots and cats. If I see something with any of those prints, I must buy it. Oh and also owls. I love owls.

I’ll be incorporating my second pair into tomorrow’s outfit. (Both pair are Lularoe, of course. I’m having a bit of a LLR leggings crisis right now. I’m slightly too tall for the OS and the TC are too baggy, but the perfect length. *sigh* FWP, am I right? That didn’t stop me from buying a pair of OS white with black polka dot leggings on Friday because polka dots. Duh)

Oh and just because…first selfie on my new phone!


Hey there! No filter…because fuck it.