We had a lot of fun last night. I have a feeling these two could end up being really good friends, and there is definitely chemistry. Gen X dudes just do it for me. And let’s not forget J: she’s a sexy, sexy bitch. Unf.

And now we will take a much needed break. We hit Project Ho hard. It has been a lot of fun, but also kind of exhausting. Don’t worry…we plan on resuming our activities after I’m all healed. In fact, there are already tentative plans.

This time next week I’ll be in surgery. I can’t wait to have my new boobs. D and I are both very excited. I’m a bit worried about my tattoos, but I can always redo them. I’m thinking maybe hearts this time. I’m going to buy some pasties and experiment. If I can’t have my nipples back, I might as well have fun with it, right?

Back at it!

At hearing #1. I’m way early. My client was supposed to be here six minutes ago, but I told him to come super early because I knew he’d be late.

I have to do something about this anxiety and insomnia. I’ve gotten like six hours of sleep over the last two nights.

A bright spot: I’m wearing tights that used to be uncomfortable, and a fitted dress that used to show major mom bulge. My mom tummy is much reduced. Woot.

I’m determined to have a better day today. All I can control in life is my own attitude.

Monday: just not feeling it.

I’m still rocking eye makeup from Saturday night. I have zero fucks to give today. Oh but I did manage to fix my favorite brooch, which I’m wearing today. That, at least, brings me a small bit of joy.

Today I have three courts to go to. Tomorrow I have three courts to go to. Online inquiries are ramping up. Busy season looms large, and I just want to stay in bed instead, please and thank you.

I’m glad I’m meeting my new primary care doc on the 21st. I have to get some relief for my raging anxiety and insomnia. Last night, my heart was racing for hours and I felt like I was going to die.

Get in the picture!

Me and the girl crush. Also named Jen.

We had a fabulous time tonight. I think this is the beginning of a fun friendship. ❤️

D and I had pre drinks at Charleville. We met Jen and Matt at Hamilton. Then we had after dinner drinks at Scottish Arms. She and I kissed and…swoon. Omg!! And then there was a mini make out swap session before we parted ways. It was all so hot and fun and perfect. Can’t wait for next time. Shit is gonna get real.

Between these two and C&J…I feel like we are finally friends with couples we truly mesh with. ❤️

Greetings on this last day of 2019

Here I am at the office.

No filter. I’m trying to be better about that. Love the skin you’re in, and all that jazz.

We’re closing early today. Gonna grab something to eat on my way home. I have nobody to pick up! It’s a rare treat. The entire family is already at home.

D and I are hanging with N&N tonight. Not sure what time that’s getting started. I’m already tired, so cool, cool, cool. Ha! I’m grateful they only live five minutes away.

I am super pumped to have the day off tomorrow. I’m going to try to sleep in, though I doubt I’ll be able to do so.

Time is flying. I keep thinking I have more time than I actually do for various things, like SAD Prom. Oh and our couples date on Saturday night…I thought that was two or three weeks out. My surgery date will be here before I know it. So much to do. January is going to be super busy, but that’s good because it means less time to be depressed.

Alrighty…I should wrap a few things up before it’s time to leave. I will leave you with this: