about last night: truth or drink

We Skyped with two couples last night and played Truth or Drink. We had a good time with it. As everyone got drunker and drunker, it started turning into dares, and then eventually we were all having sex. It got a little weird at the end, because one friend was wasted and got mad at her husband about something, so she was yelling at him, but her words were all slurred. At that point, D and I ended things so that everyone could go sleep it off. It was (mostly) fun, though it would have been more fun in person. Something to look forward to.

Welcome to 2020!

  • The first list post of the new year!
  • Speaking of firsts, my first selfie of the year was of me smoking a joint.
  • We didn’t see the ball drop, because we were busy banging our friends. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • There were literally fireworks going off during the sexing. It was funny.
  • In other (non-sex) news, we took all the Christmas stuff down, and it feels great in the house. It makes it obvious that we really need to get some drapes in the big living room, tho.
  • I finally got D to switch to the darkside. #vagueblogging
  • The Napa trip is being planned! Sounds like probably June. It can’t conflict with Deer Creel DMB weekend though!! I need the tour dates to be released. Come on, February!!
  • As of this morning, I’m down six pounds. Official weigh in isn’t until tomorrow morning, though.
  • But…I haven’t cracked yet! Though I’d gladly cut a bitch for a cookie.
  • I can’t believe I have to go to work tomorrow. Fuuuuuuuuck me.
  • I’m not going to proofread this before I post it…fuck it.

about last night: a very sexy wine tasting

Last night, we met up with friends for another blind wine tasting night, but this time it was white wines. This evening confirmed something I essentially already knew: I fucking hate white wine. Chardonnay and Sauv Blanc…*puke face* The $100 bottle of white bordeaux…ugggghhhhh we called it the dirty sock wine. The only white wines I enjoy are pinot grigio and moscato. We didn’t have a pinot last night, so I drank a lot of moscato.

It doesn’t matter though, because the main event was the sexy time after we tasted and made our guesses/rankings of the various wines. I won’t go into details, except to say much fun was had, and we can’t wait to do it again (I’m thinking beer tasting next time).

Oh and…

Let me tell you something

It’s probably tmi so proceed at your own risk.

Since I’ve turned 40, my sex drive has been turned up to 11. I’m dtf almost always. Last night, around two am, I almost woke up my husband to fuck, but then decided to take matters into my own hands instead. I assumed, correctly, that I’d get that dick first thing in the morning.

I don’t have the best body, but I have an amazing ass and legs, a cute face, and am an enthusiastic lay. I think that’s plenty.

let’s spice this blog up a bit… (tmi alert)

I think we’re ready to get back into the swing of things. haha

Last night, a former swinger hook-up sent me a video of his wife getting double teamed, and was like, “This could be you if you would just throw out a date.” So I ran to show D, and he was like hell yes, so a date has been given. Dude was like, “Oh so now I have your attention…” Yes. Yes, you do. We’ve been messaging about hooking up again for months now, but D and I have been on an extended break from the lifestyle. Also, life has just been crazy and complicated the last couple of years. There is never any time. All the weekends are always accounted for…etc.

We have something else in the works, too, with another couple. Should be a good time.

Life is short. Be a ho.


what a weird life we lead

Just got a Facebook invite to a small party being thrown by a new friend.  There are only 13 people on the invite list. The text of the invite says (in part):

We have a few rules but the main thing to note is THIS IS NOT AN ORGY! (Next time, I promise). Wait, I lied… the main thing is consensual touching only. Ask often! 

Gotta discuss it with the husband, but I kind of want to go. I’m ready to meet some new people. We met the couple hosting a few weeks back at N’s birthday party, and they were really cool.